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November 7, 2008 | Comments ()

Network TV Plumbs the Depths of Stupidity As They Never Have Before

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Trade News | November 7, 2008 | Comments ()

Normally, I probably wouldn’t bother writing up an item about a television pilot that networks were dumb enough to greenlight, but surely aren’t dumb enough to actually air, but this one is so beyond stupid that I couldn’t resist. I’m talking up the road, turn right next Thursday stupid. Sarah Palin stupid. Dumb as an empty box of rocks. Six beers short of a six-pack. Fourth-generation inbred dumb.

We’re talking Jared Padalecki stupid, people.

The name of the pilot is “Eva Adams,” and it’s about a misogynistic, egotistic sports agent, Adam, who — under a witch’s spell — is turned into a woman so that he can experience what it feels like to be sexually harassed. A witch’s spell. A witch’s spell. A WITCH’S SPELL.

Oh man, I wish I were shitting you. James Van Der Beek will play Connor, Adam’s sexist best friend, and David Denman (Pam’s ex-boyfriend on “The Office”) will play another agent in the sports agency. No word yet on who has been cast as Adam/Eva, but the show comes from Kevin Falls, who has a decent resume, as creator of “Journeyman” and a writer on “Sports Night” and “West Wing.” Nevertheless, I’m not optimistic. After all, it’s about a man who is turned into a woman by a witch’s spell.

Oh, did I mention it was an hour-long show? Yeah. Each and every week, for a full hour, this man/woman apparently will be subjected to the gropes of James Van Der Beek and company. That should be fun for about … oh, I dunno. Seven minutes.

A witch’s spell?! James Van Der Beek? A sexual harassment dramedy?

Only on Fox, folks.

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