Emily Blunt, Former English Rose, Flexes Her Guns In 'Edge Of Tomorrow'
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Emily Blunt, Former English Rose, Flexes Her Guns In 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | December 10, 2013 | Comments ()


Remember when Emily Blunt first made a name for herself? It was all delicate provocative indies…


…and period puffed sleeves…


…and lackluster, uptight book adaptations…


…and wafer-thin, bitchy second fiddles.


While I love her, think she’s enormously talented and am happy she’s working as much as she is, this is not the future I envisioned for her. Sure, she knew her way around a gun in last year’s Looper.


But this? Well, this is a whole different gun show.


Blunt is sporting the Sarah Connor look for her role opposite Tom Cruise in Doug Liman’s Edge Of Tomorrow. Like Looper, this is a sci-fi, time traveling flick.
The plot is as follows:

Novice fighter William Cage (Cruise) is thrown into a major alien assault, before finding himself in a time loop that forces him to live out the same ill-fated, brutal combat over and over. But with each battle, Cage gains increasing skill alongside his comrade, Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt).

Special Forces warrior? Oh I like the sound of that. Blunt says she learned Krav Maga for the role. She describes it as “a lethal martial arts using pretty much everything including your teeth to destroy. That was pretty fun.” She’s really never been prettier.

(via USA Today)

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  • Tea Partiers are Obese Racists

    Emily Blunt is freaking hot in this trailer. I love buff chicks.

  • tiny_bookbot

    Best of all, the part looks terrific. She's said in interviews before she doesn't want to do action films if she plays the love interest drooping on the sideline, and she's following through with that: Looper gave her an intense, complex character to play, and here it looks so far like she has plenty of agency and power. She's not plucky or sassy in the trailer, she's authoritative and tough.

    It's too bad Tom Cruise is in it, too, because I am a touch tired of him and man, Oblivion was lousy, but oh Emily, please be badass forever.

  • Natalie

    I feel a new year resolution forming. Should book mark this page for the inevitable day where I return to print out that strength-spiration photo.

  • Tinkerville

    Wasn't she Joss Whedon's first choice for Black Widow? Not hard to see why, and now I'm sad that didn't happen.

  • John W

    She looks hot.

  • Maddy

    I appreciate that she looks like she could legit kick some ass, and not like a twig. If only Tom Cruise wasn't in this movie. I think she's great though, even if I don't always think the movie surrounding her is.

  • Captain_Tuttle

    She's learning krav? Now I love and envy her even more.

  • I assume we're getting a trailer for this today or tomorrow?

    The original title for this film was All You Need Is Kill. It was changed because Hollywood.

  • Comeau

    I'm more than happy they changed the title. The comic / book is AWESOME, and I'm glad it won't be tarnished by this T.C. crap.

  • csb

    Quite the gun show, she's definitely up there with Linda Hamilton. And she's a great actress to boot, it's good to see her getting more and more recognition (and not just as John Krasinski's missus).

  • zeke_the_pig

    She was fantastic in Looper. Imagine the discipline; the force of will required to not leap to the rescue of poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt while he was being possessed by that evil sentient Willis-chin.

  • hapl0

    Why is Emily not Diana again?

  • Andrew J Moore

    This picture is also a easy counter argument to people who complain that Gal Gadot is too thin for Wonder Woman.

  • carrie

    Emily Blunt never was skinny also and Blunt proved she can act (contrary to F&F's chick)

  • Andrew J Moore

    Oh sure. Completely. Gadot is terrifyingly short of acting experience. But for not being 'strong' enough? Nonsense.

    (Note, Blunt never worked as an Israeli Army Fitness Instructor).

  • Barry

    Let me preface this by saying that none of this is Gadot's fault and she sure as hell can't be blamed for taking the part.


    Gadot is miscast, plain and simple...horribly so when reviewing all the better choices who could've pulled it off. There's no amount of bulking, ripping, cutting, rationalization and hype (Israeli Army Fitness Instructor, whatever) that can transform that waif into an imposing figure. And Wonder Woman is supposed to be Superman-level imposing.

  • carrie

    even if Gadot is a former Israeli Army Fitness Instructor,she doesn't looks badass in F&F,she looks like a model
    it's just my opinion but i don't believe in Snyder's vision

  • Maddy

    I have more of an issue with Zack Snyder and how he depicts women in general than with her - I have no reason to have an issue with her until I see her performance. I'm also not that attached to Wonder Woman, but it wasn't really around when I was a kid I guess. I'm assuming she can 'bulk' up for the role anyway.

  • Cowtools

    WOW. And I thought she was attractive before. That's just a…whole other level.
    To the commenter who was adamant she could play Captain marvel, I now see what you were talking about.

    EDIT: That also sounds like a pretty awesome plot.
    How did Tom Cruise of all people become the go-to guy for original movie sic-fi?

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    He's not the go-to, he's just one of the few actors who can convince studios to fund original sci-fi. Original sci-fi with unknowns and no built in fanbase from best-selling adaptation are considered unacceptable risks, so it needs a star of some kind. For whatever reason, Cruise is the one who's most game for doing those.

  • Cowtools

    Which is bizarre because it means for that, I kinda have to respect him. Which feels…weird.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Eh, I wouldn't go that far. I'd say we have to appreciate him, since he is doing something a lot of us really want to see, but respect? I can't quite get there-- he's too openly bananas in his personal life for me to manage it. Still, though, as long as he keeps making movies, he's not bad enough in the personal life department that I'll start boycotting him (like your Mel Gibsons, say).

  • hadituptoherewithbigots

    So... Groundhog day in space, with aliens and more punching? I am interested...

  • Captain_Tuttle

    I'm pretty sure that's all Groundhog Day was missing.

  • dizzylucy

    I like her a lot, and she looks pretty kick ass here, but I can't stomach the thought of watching Tom Cruise fight aliens AGAIN.

  • Comeau

    The fact they white washed the comic (All You Need Is Kill) E.oT. is based on is the number one reason I will be avoiding this one... I love Blunt and she will always be #1 on my Pajiba 5/10 but not even her involvement would make me watch this one.

  • NateMan

    It's clearly part of some whackadoodle Scientology plot designed to have him well-trained for the day he needs to lead the human rebellion against Xenu's forces. And this was the best they could come up with. They were originally hoping to use Travolta as second in command, but not even Scientologists could make anything good come from Battlefield: Earth.

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