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By Cindy Davis | Trade News | July 1, 2010 | Comments ()


If you love beer and you've never had the pleasure of experiencing Munich's Oktoberfest, you might want to get yourself a plane ticket come September (yes, September). Seriously, one of the most fun experiences in my life, running around with the Polizei from tent to tent as fights broke out and were over by the time we got there.

I've never seen "Three Sheets", which is a travelogue (hosted by Zane Lamprey) that previously aired on the Fine Living Network. Apparently Lamprey goes to different countries to sample food and drink and to participate in local alcohol related customs. Now this is my kind of show! It seems a bunch of rabid fans rallied a Facebook campaign and a beer shipment to get the Travel Channel to pick up the show. And what do you know -- success! Episodes began airing June 30th and if the show does well, there may be further seasons.

A toast! And a taste of Oktoberfest, just because.

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