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February 17, 2009 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | February 17, 2009 |

The Hardy Men.

Get it? It’s what would happen if the Hardy Boys grew up. Some people are tempted to call this high-concept; these people are wrong. The film has been building steam for a while, with Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise set to star as the title characters and Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) attached to direct. Given the team involved, it’s probably going to involve a lot of cheesy effects, bad jokes, and Stiller and Cruise in matching sweaters.

The news this week is that the film has attached a writer: Ed Solomon, whose credits include Men in Black and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Solomon seems like an amiable guy, who taught us that San Dimas High School football rules, and I’m almost sorry he had to get dragged into this. His involvement might —¬†might —¬†provide a spark of life in the screenplay that could elevate the project slightly beyond the realm of idiocy for which it seems destined. Then again, this is the guy who wrote Super Mario Bros., so I could be talking out of my ass. Either way, it means that there’s no getting around the fact that this movie is gonna get made, as much as you and I might hope and pray that it won’t.

Ah, what the hell, here’s a clip:

Well, Looks That Apocalypse Is Gonna Happen

Whether We Like It or Not / Daniel Carlson

Industry | February 17, 2009 |

Telefon Tel Aviv

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