Ebert Presents Exhibit A

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | January 26, 2011 |

Here's the trailer:

I have waited almost half my life for this game, and this is what the end result is? A couple blurred out asses, painfully witless jokes, graphics that look no better than games from a decade ago? The problem isn't simply that this looks bad; there are a hundred merely bad video games every year that don't merit mention. The real problem isn't even the puerility of the entire thing, the reveling in juvenile idiocy that most eleven year olds are too mature to find endearing. No, the real tragedy is the sheer waste of the endeavor. When someone burns effectively unlimited resources and 13 years of their life on endless revisions, burning businesses down around themselves as they work towards their vision, pardon me if I have elevated expectations. To see an end result fail, to not meet those nigh unattainable expectations might be disappointing, but this is different, this is infuriating. This is not even trying.

This trailer? This is exactly what Roger Ebert thinks video games are.

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