Drunk Wahlberg Is the Best Wahlberg
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Drunk Wahlberg Is the Best Wahlberg

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 9, 2013 | Comments ()

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In tonight's episode of Graham Norton (which, for celebrity interviews, is above everything else), Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman, and Michael Fassbender appear (check it out on BBC America, after Ripper, which is also pretty good). Anyway, there's a game, and Wahlberg flips the switch ... and, you know what, just watch. And don't even try tell me that Wahlberg is not a little sh*t-faced.

Oh wait, here at 4:40, Wahlberg basically confirms he's blasted. Also, around the 9 minute mark, he tells a brilliant story about his son punching The Rock in the nuts, and then at 10:45 he challenges Fassbender to a "big-dick contest" over voices. Fassbender kicks his ass.

So yeah, basically, this video has it all.

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  • Oddjob86

    The last time he was on he was even more drunk. Really annoys me and made an otherwise brilliant show hard to watch.

  • 724wd

    do i have a different BBC America? Helen Mirren was the new episode tonight... promoing the walberg for next week? and there was no Paul Rudd-as-Jack-Nicholson kissing Helen Mirren-as-Paul-Rudd.... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!

  • Louise

    Go watch on YouTube: the BBCA versions are edited down.

  • SorayaS

    You saw the whole Mirren episode but no kiss?! That sucks- the full episode is definitely up on youtube.

  • jenna

    Oh look, a racist asshole and an abusive asshole. Must have been asshole night on Graham Norton.

  • I'm the star here! Not you! Not you! Not you!

  • Whadda jackhole.

  • Louise

    Last time Wahlberg was on the show, he was jet-lagged and napped through half the show. Fall asleep on a lesser chat show, douchebag! Graham Norton's show is great. The Will-i-Am/Miriam Margoyles show is the gold standard, but just last week, we had Paul Rudd-as-Jack-Nicholson kissing Helen Mirren-as-Paul-Rudd. Also recommended: the Rob Lowe/Alex Kingston/Bradley Cooper/Ed Helms episode.

  • MrFrye

    I love Graham Norton. He's like a big swishy teddy bear.

  • e jerry powell

    Nope. I'm a big swishy teddy bear. Graham Norton is a big swishy TV presenter.

  • Bobbs3k

    We need to make a a Fassbender vs Hiddleston "big dick" voice contest happen, now.

  • wojtek

    Yeah, he came off as a raging asshole. They had the grace to sit quietly when a guy who got his break as an UNDERWEAR MODEL spewed bullshit about how even disfigured dwarves like him can make it in show business, and then he went and shat all over their segments.

    The final bit with the poor nurse in the chair was funny, but even then my favorite part was watching Silverman's journey from amusement to annoyance.

  • MadefromClay

    Hate to sound like a spoil sport but he really annoyed me throughout this episode, I am a big fan of both Sarah Silverman and Michael Fassbender and tuned in to see them, Whalberg could not stand it when the other two were talking, pretending to fall asleep during one of Michael Fassbender's stories constantly interrupting Sarah's anecdotes, they were both good sports about it, Fassbender less so than Silverman. I would have liked someone a bit more combative to shut him up, although Michael tried to in a nice jokey way, but it wasn't enough and it made for painful viewing, I would like to see them two on again just so I could hear what they were trying to say. Whalberg may have been drunk but he was the same on his last appearance on Graham Norton, self absorbed, with boring stories, and does not like it when he is not the centre of attention.

  • Bandit

    I was talking to someone who went to the taping of this episode. She said it was all very awkward and Fassbender looked mighty pissed off at Marky Mark.

  • whirligig7

    I think his kids punched The Rock in the nuts... not Michael Bay... which in some ways is even more awesome.

  • VonnegutSlut

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...I love how indignant he was about the chick wearing a "full face of makeup and her tightest t-shirt" to the gym.

    His association with the douche-tastic "Entourage" notwithstanding, he always struck me a pretty down to earth guy who hasn't lost touch with his roots--even if those roots are drenched in alcohol.

  • smek2

    "Also, around the 9 minute mark, he tells a brilliant Michael Bay story about his son punching Bay in the nuts" -- uhm, no, actually (and unfortunately) his son punched The Rock in the nuts, not Bay.

  • pajiba

    Oh you're right. EVEN BETTER.

  • Natallica

    Isn't it like, mandatory to get shitfaced when you're visiting England?

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