Dropping the Cougar Like John Mellencamp

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We all loved Bill Lawrence for creating Scrubs. Heck, I didn't even mind the Scrubs Babies (James Franco's brother was great). So when they announced that he'd have another show, it was safe to say there was some excitement.

And then they announced the title- Cougar Town.

They tried to cash in on a hip new word and it completely backfired so they're planning on changing the title between seasons. Deep down, I hope they'll ironically change it to cash in on another word that nobody will use in five years. Twitter City? Foursquare Square? MILF Island? (Please be the last one.)

Lawrence originally wanted to call it C-Town, which at least sounds more like a show and less like an SNL bit that'll overstay its welcome.

The thing is, Cougar Town isn't horrible. The cast almost has chemistry and the writing works sometimes. Plus, Modern Family is so good that you're still laughing by the time Courtney Cox pops on the screen. It'd be watchable enough to not bother seeking out the remote IF it wasn't called Cougar Town. I just can't get on board with that name. What if the Nielsen people came to my house? I can't lie to them. They would know. And then I would know shame.

So what's it going to be? Any ideas for the name of a show about middle-aged women preying on young smooth boys like me? (I was going to put this in Pajiba Love, but my name for it is: "Modern Family is Over; Quick Change the Channel." -- Stacey)

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