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By Cindy Davis | Trade News | October 7, 2010 | Comments ()

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | October 7, 2010 |

Gravity was previously offered to Natalie Portman, someone who has made more of a serious actress name for herself than Bullock, despite Bullock having the Academy Award. And yet Portman doesn't come across so approachable or down to earth, so it's interesting that two such vastly different people should be offered the part. I suppose that's mostly a commentary on the industry striking while the iron is hot more than perceptions of an actress's ability. But lest we forget, Angelina Jolie was first up for the part and from there the trajectory has headed downward. (Mini diversion: Who is the better actress - Jolie or Portman?)

Alfonso CuarĂ³n's (Children of Men) Gravity chronicles an astronaut's struggle as the lone survivor of a space station disaster. Desperate to get back to her daughter on Earth, the woman's only contact is with a character played by Robert Downey Jr., but the majority of film will feature only the female lead. If for some reason Bullock declines, there are rumors of everyone from Naomi Watts to Blake Lively. That's enough to give me space sickness.

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