Mutant Fever Continues

By TK | Industry | September 22, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Industry | September 22, 2009 |


Do you want more Marvel mutant movies? Was X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine just not enough for you? Lucky you, then, because apparently that well hasn't been drained yet.

was at the Fox Blu-Ray press event in Beverly Hills, and managed to get some interesting, if nerve-wracking, tidbits from Lauren Shuler Donner, the producer for pretty much all Marvel-based mutant superhero movies in recent history. As suspected, there's already a Deadpool spinoff movie in the pipeline, and as far as the mutants go, the plan right now is for a fourth X-Men movie, as well as a movie based on the X-men C-Team, The New Mutants. The latter will likely be a coming-of-age story as well, given the age of the team and their trainee status. Although, who the hell knows what team members they'd use. I could pass on Cypher (ooh! a translator! So thrilling!), and if we saw Magik, they'd likely dump the whole demon alter-ego thing. Ah, Inferno. Such a fun story arc.

Back on topic: It'll be interesting to see where 20th Century Fox takes the series now. Bryan Singer's and Gavin Hood's Wolverine screwed with the timelines quite a bit (and killed off critical characters), so there'll likely be more frustrating tinkering. But really, the movies will succeed if they can just do one thing:

Suck less.

I don't ask for much.

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