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“Dollhouse”: The Awakening

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 3, 2009 | Comments ()


I was anticipating a lot more resistance to my mid-season review of "Dollhouse" earlier this week, but it seems as though, even those of you still watching it out of loyalty, are mostly in agreement that it's still not a very good show, and that the promises we were made that it would turnaround in episode six were on the empty side. It got a little better, but not enough to redeem it.

However, while I don't want to be too optimistic, the marketing spot for tonight's episode suggests that it may, finally, get to that point. Tonight, Echo snaps the hell out of it. She and her Dollmates are going rogue. It seems a little premature to be doing so, at this early stage of the series' run, but given the almost certain fact that there are only five episodes left, maybe it is time. What's even more impressive about this trailer is that, for a second and a half in this spot, Echo actually sounds like a real person.

I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I'm for damn sure going to watch just to see if Whedon actually does manage to pull "Dollhouse" out of its tailspin. Check out this TV spot:

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