Doctor Who What Now? All the "Doctor Who" News and Rumors of the Week

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | April 9, 2013 |

Anyway, there are a time vortex full of "Doctor Who" headlines buzzing around this morning, so let's get to it.

First, the actress who played the original companion on Doctor Who gave an interview and while pointing out bits and pieces of canon mythology that were made up on the spot by her and Hartnell, also goes on to say that the show ruined her career. Whatever Susan, now I don't feel bad that you got abandoned on that planet.

Next, it's being reported that Eccleston won't be in the 50th anniversary special. But then that rumor has fluctuated back and forth for the last six months, so I wouldn't put much stock in it.

News is that the BBC almost launched an animated companion series when the new version of the show started a few years ago. The concept art is here, though I warn you that it is almost painfully anime. I'm also not sure what timeline they're really talking about here, since they're using the newest logo, and there are a couple of Matt Smith sketches. Tennant as a cartoon character is delightful though.

Oh hey, the only thing better than showing a little leg, is if said leg has a sonic screwdriver tattoo:


Want to see the opposite of fan service? Here's Karen Gillan in a fake (I'm assuming) ad for a line of makeup for Zombies: Z'Ombeal.

Eh, she's still an 8/10. Undead just makes it easier to be dead sexy.

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