'Doctor Who' Short Story Collection, with Added Gaiman

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'Doctor Who' Short Story Collection, with Added Gaiman

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | November 7, 2013 | Comments ()


There are not currently any plans for Neil Gaiman to write another episode of Doctor Who. There is however a collection of eleven short stories about the Doctor - presumably one per regeneration, though I can find no confirmation of that - set to be released to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary special. And guess who is writing one of the stories?

No, stop guessing, it was rhetorical and the answer was handed to you so I’m deeply disappointed at most of these responses. Some of these are fictional. And this guy’s dead. It’s Neil Gaiman.

It’s the eleventh story of the collection, and features Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor. Says Mr. Gaiman about his story:

Nothing O’Clock stars the Eleventh Doctor, the Matt Smith Doctor, with Amy Pond as his companion. I set it somewhere during the first season of Matt Smith, mostly on Earth, in our time now and in 1984, but also somewhere else, a very, very long time ago. I had never created an original monster for Doctor Who and really enjoyed getting to create a creepy Doctor Who monster of the kind that we haven’t quite seen before… I hope that the Kin will get out there and occasionally give people nightmares. And that you will be worried if a man in a rabbit mask comes to your door and tries to buy your house

I am now concerned about that man in a rabbit mask who keeps knocking on my door. In addition, we have an excerpt from the story:

The Time Lords built a Prison. They built it in a time and place that are both unimaginable to any entity who has never left the solar system in which it was spawned, or who has only experienced the journey through time, second by second, and that only going forward. It was built just for the Kin. It was impregnable: a complex of small rooms (for they were not monsters, the Time Lords - they could be merciful, when it suited them), out of temporal phase with the rest of the Universe. There were, in that place, only those rooms: the gulf between microseconds was one that could not be crossed. In effect, those rooms became a universe in themselves, one that borrowed light and heat and gravity from the rest of Creation, always a fraction of a moment away.

The Kin prowled its rooms, patient and deathless, and always waiting.
It was waiting for a question. It could wait until the end of time. (But even then,
when Time Ended, the Kin would miss it, imprisoned in the micro-moment away
from time.)

The Time Lords maintained the Prison with huge engines they built in the hearts
of black holes, unreachable: no one would be able to get to the engines, save the Time
Lords themselves. The multiple engines were a fail-safe. Nothing could ever go

As long as the Time Lords existed, the Kin would be in their Prison, and the rest
of the Universe would be safe. That was how it was, and how it always would be.
And if anything went wrong, then the Time Lords would know. Even if,
unthinkably, any of the engines failed, then emergency signals would sound on
Gallifrey long before the Prison of the Kin returned to our time and our universe. The
Time Lords had planned for everything.

They had planned for everything except the possibility that one day there would
be no Time Lords, and no Gallifrey. No Time Lords in the Universe, except for one.
So when the Prison shook and crashed, as if in an earthquake, throwing the Kin
down; and when the Kin looked up from its Prison to see the light of galaxies and
suns above it, unmediated and unfiltered, and it knew that it had returned to the
Universe, it knew it would only be a matter of time until the question would be asked
once more.

And, because the Kin was careful, it took stock of the Universe they found
themselves in. It did not think of revenge: that was not in its nature. It wanted what it
had always wanted. And besides …

There was still a Time Lord in the Universe.

The Kin needed to do something about that.

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  • Wrestling Fan

    Holy crap, I cannot wait to read this!

  • axis2clusterB

    Just take my damn money already.

  • DataAngel

    It's the 11th in this series. They've been released one a month since January.

    Some are better than others. Most of them are a bit twee and jokey. I have them all and I loves them.

  • DataAngel

    For the lazy or the linkophobics...

    Doctor Who: A Big Hand For The Doctor: First Doctor by Eoin Colfer
    Doctor Who: The Nameless City: Second Doctor by Michael Scott
    Doctor Who: The Spear of Destiny: Third Doctor by Marcus Sedgwick
    Doctor Who: The Roots of Evil: Fourth Doctor by Philip Reeve
    Doctor Who: Tip of the Tongue: Fifth Doctor by Patrick Ness
    Doctor Who: Something Borrowed: Sixth Doctor by Richelle Mead
    Doctor Who: The Ripple Effect: Seventh Doctor by Malorie Blackman

    Doctor Who: Spore: Eighth Doctor by Alex Scarrow
    Doctor Who: The Beasts of Babylon: Ninth Doctor by Charlie Higson
    Doctor Who: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage: Tenth Doctor by Deren Landy
    Doctor Who: Nothing O'Clock: Eleventh Doctor by Neil Gaiman

  • BWeaves

    The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage? Does 10 hook up with Nancy Drew?

  • DataAngel

    Sort of. Yes. But not really.

  • Wrestling Fan

    And trust me, you don't want to know what Captain Jack did with the Hardy Boys.

    Naughty, naughty stuff.

  • Modernlove

    I just got all shivery reading that. Bring the rest to me now!

  • BWeaves

    So far, I see a lot of exposition, but no action. OK, I just realized it's a story and not an episode. That's all right then. Nevermind.

  • I wants it. Gives it to me.

    There see, a 'Lord of the Rings' reference concerning a news item about Dr. Who. My journey to the Nerd Side is complete.

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