Did You Think You Could Just Hate-Watch Whatever You Want With No Consequences? This Is Your Punishment.
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Did You Think You Could Just Hate-Watch Whatever You Want With No Consequences? This Is Your Punishment.

By Vivian Kane | Trade News | April 29, 2014 | Comments ()


We need to have a word. Let’s think back to the days of yore, specifically December 5th, 2013. That was the night Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill sucked all the fun and life and soul out of The Sound of Music during a live broadcast on NBC. Think back to that time, will you? Were you one of the 18.5 million people that watched that night? Because whether you watched out of genuine interest or just genuine interest in a live fiery total disaster, the networks don’t care. You were money in their soulless bank. So now, as punishment for your hate-watching viewership, you’re getting even more garbage heaped onto you. Like a kid who gets caught smoking, and is forced to consume a swimming pool full of tobacco.

It had already been announced that NBC would be doing Peter Pan this fall, but now Fox is getting into the sh*t-peddling business (just kidding, they’ve always been in that business), and have decided to ruin Grease sometime next year. I’m sure this will be a production to rival a billion high schools.

Via Zap2It.

Vivian Kane is hoping they go full crash-and-burn with a Bieber Zuko.

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  • Sarah Weissman

    This is going to be so much easier to star-cast than TSOM if they're smart about it due to it not actually being that great. Emma Stone could kill as Rizzo. Darren Criss has legit stage chops, as does Adam Lambert. Get any teen pop star with an ounce of charisma to play the Teen Angel.

  • Sarah Weissman

    It's cute that you act like Grease was ever great...

  • eag46

    Bless you. I thought I was the only person out there that thinks this musical is over-rated. The only song I like from it was the one the Bee Gees wrote for the movie. It gives a HORRIBLE message to young people: Change who you are so that you'll be liked and popular.

  • Sarah Weissman

    Don't get me wrong - I love it. I'll still watch it. It's also hard for me to separate it from my 5th-grade nostalgia. But that by no means says it's GOOD. Unlike, TSOM, this is not quality writing or theatre. I also, when I was a kid, interpreted them as compromising and changing for each other. Sweet, naive 11-year-old Sarah. Can haz more feminist ending plz?

  • Jezzer

    The only thing that keeps the original Grease from being terrible is Stockard Channing. That movie needed a lot more Rizzo and a lot less Sandy.

  • e jerry powell

    Considering how they slashed the shit out of the play to make it into a film...

    (Sandy was Polish-American in the play, they made her Australian to suit Olivia Newton-John, who couldn't play Polish-American for some reason, Cha-Cha de Grigorio and Patty Simcox had much larger roles in the original, etc.)

    So what I'm saying is: apples and oranges. What you'll be getting in the live broadcast is decidedly not what Randal Kleiser gave you in the film, not unlike what happened with Sound of Music.

  • I'm guessing what they're actually going to stage is the Grease: Redux thing that's happening now. The show of the movie of the show.

  • e jerry powell

    Of that I have no doubt. The production that was developed by Kathleen Marshall coming out of that NBC reality show.

  • stella

    A friend mine spent a few days in jail and apparently they watched both the original airing and the rerun.

  • e jerry powell

    I watched the repeat, anyway. Apparently there was something else on during the first broadcast.

  • Jim

    Cruel and VERY unusual punishment at its worst!

  • Jim

    Peter Pan could work if you make it "Pan 2.0" - it's a decade later, Wendy (Emma Stone) is shocked when Peter (Russell Brand) crashed through her French doors. He drunkenly explains something has gone horribly wrong with Tinkerbell (Patton Oswalt). On arriving in NNL, she finds Hook (Graham Norton) has come to terms with his lost hand and now has a small factory making pret-a-porter alligator-skin clothing and handbags. Things really heat up with Tink crashes a big production number in the "Lost Boys All-Male Revue."

  • Wrestling Fan

    I want this to happen more than words can say

  • Skyler Durden


  • Jericho Smith

    Finally!! The role Patton Oswalt was born to play!

  • e jerry powell

    NBC already had a shot at ruining Grease. Apparently they didn't kick it hard enough.

  • Zirza

    Grease was already ruined by Grease 2.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Sorry, young Michelle Pfeiffer grooving down the street to "Cool Rider" is too cheestastically delicious to dismiss out of hand.

  • e jerry powell


  • Sara_Tonin00

    loooooooooove you.

    No ordinary guy is gonna do.

  • e jerry powell

    And that poor boy ended up married to that much... more experienced soap diva, never to be heard from in America again.

    He looks kind of like the downmarket love child of Daniel Craig and Kevin McKidd now. And he's older than both of them.

  • Alicia

    Only for those of you who make the mistake of watching Grease 2.

  • Zirza

    Hey, I was ten years old when I saw it. I cannot be held accountable for what I did back then. Though in my defense, even at age ten I thought it was pretty terrible.

  • e jerry powell

    If John Travolta couldn't kill it, that fucker's immortal.

  • Cowtools

    Nah, Grease is impervious.

  • Jericho Smith

    On a brighter note-none of the FOX executives will get any sleep tonight, what with Taylor Swift calling over and over, to see if she can play Sandy.

  • jim kizer

    Glee already did Grease. Ugh and here we go again....

    I got fears... they're multiplying!

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