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By Dustin Rowles | Industry | October 22, 2008 |

Because Seth is up to his neck in billable hours this week — women and blow don’t pay for themselves, you know - it’s fallen on me to make this announcement regarding one of The TV Whore’s favorite shows. Showtime’s “Dexter” has been picked up for two more seasons, 12 episodes apiece. And since Seth is not around to refute this, allow me to also note: “Dexter” is boring me to tears this year. I heart the first season (and it even got some consideration for the 20 of 20), but Season 2 was just OK, and even though Jimmy Smits has been solid in Season 3, it’s still starting to seriously wear out its premise.

That might be a sacrilegious thing to say, especially in Seth’s stead, but man: (spoilers) When Dexter decided to give up the code for Season 3, I was expecting and hoping for a lot more folks with puncture wounds. But so far, it’s nothing but relationship melodrama with that crazy boring girlfriend of his and unless Dexter has to snuff her out in the finale, I don’t this season can redeem itself. Indeed, it seems like it’s a slightly more complicated version of Season 2, and - unless they shake it up, “Weeds”-style — I’m not sure five seasons wouldn’t be enough to completely outstay its welcome.

But, even at its very worst, it’s infinitely better than Knight Rider, which — for reasons beyond mere mortal’s comprehension — has been picked up for a full season order. This despite the fact that it’s ratings have been terrible so far. But, it’s on NBC. What the hell else are they gonna show? Another “Law and Order” spin-off? At least this bodes well for “Chuck.” If NBC will give “Knight Rider” a full season order, surely it’ll give “Chuck” one. But then again, the networks have never been fond of common sense or logic.

Dexter Survives Long Enough to Wear Thin

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Industry | October 22, 2008 | Comments ()

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