DC's 'Gotham' Begins to Take Shape, as The Penguin and Alfred Pennyworth Have Been Cast
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DC's 'Gotham' Begins to Take Shape, as The Penguin and Alfred Pennyworth Have Been Cast

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 11, 2014 | Comments ()


Here’s what we know about Gotham, DC’s answer to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, built around James Gordon’s character. It was penned by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), who will co-produce the show along with director director Danny Cannon (Nikita). Gotham has been ordered straight to series, and is expected to air on Fox this September.

This is the cast, so far. It’s basically Ben McKenzie and a bunch of who?

Ben McKenzie as James Gordon.


Robin Lord Taylor, as Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin.


Sean Pertwee, as Alfred Pennyworth.


Zabryna Guevara, as Captain Essen, James Gordon’s boss at the GCPD Homicide Squad.


Erin Richards, as James’ fiancée, Barbara Kean.


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  • csb

    Didn't Gordon have an affair with Essen in Batman: Year One?

    I'm not sure I like the idea that they've focused on casting the players in the love triangle before most others.

    And btw, Sean Pertwee should not be included in the 'bunch of who'. He may have come from the loins of a Who, but he's brilliant in his own right.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Gordon was also older, Essen's boss, and already married with a child in Year One. I wouldn't expect a straight adaptation.

  • So...no Batman. What the hell is the point of it, then?

    It's like having a show set in the amazing Marvel universe and never featuring any of the actual superheroes, just a bunch of unlikable assholes flying in a ship and solving mysteries and mentioning the heroes every now and then. I mean, what idiot would think that would ever work and try to make it into an actual show?

    Oh, wait.

  • BlackRabbit

    Look at it this way-Batman can't possibly be everywhere. What about the poor cops who are dealing with bad guys they can't be sure of beating and always being compared to Batman? Great stories can and have been found there

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    Ugh. Agents of Shield does not need an answer.
    Well, maybe "Thank you for not returning next season."

  • Guest

    Sherman can't even do Head Crushing right...

  • Mrs. Julien

    Earlier today, I decided I was going to divorce Mr. Julien and marry the coat SWINTON was wearing on tomandlorenzo.com. I've changed my mind and will be divorcing Mr. Julien to marry Zabryna Guevara's hair.

    Note: If Kermit the Frog becomes available my plans will again shift.

  • Jill

    That coat is yes, perfect.

  • Bodhi

    Holy shit, that coat is perfection.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I know, right?

  • BWeaves

    I could be you.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Then we could share the coat.

  • djangoSpiderr

    Didn't Bruno Heller do Rome? I'm liking what I hear from this series more and more.

  • NateMan

    Question: Is this a modern-day version of Gordon as a young man, or a step back in time thing? And then Wayne will be a futuristic Batman in like 2030? Because if it's not, if it's a step back in time thing, I find the whole woman-of-color-police-captain to be pretty unlikely.

  • Probably the former, although if it took place in the 30's like the original Batman, that would be pretty sweet as well.

  • grr arrgh

    I'd be okay with it if the went with the futuristic 30s thing that the animated series did. Clothing, architecture, cars were all 30s...but Batman had a giant ass Batcomputer.

  • You think the Penguin begins his criminal career by...


    Robbin Lord & Taylor?


  • Joe Grunenwald
  • "Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin."

    "Oswald Cobblepot" is a less ridiculous name

  • Bert_McGurt

    Well, that one guy certainly LOOKS like the Penguin.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I know I shouldn't get my hopes up at all, but I can't help it: I'm super-excited for this show.

  • BlackRabbit

    SEAN PERTWEE! After Dog Soldiers, Gotham will be cake. Sadly, Hoffman would have been an excellent Penguin.

  • A. Smith

    So I guess this was the secret American thing he was talking about in Fiveish Doctors.

  • "We are now up against live, hostile targets. So, if Little Red Riding
    Hood should show up with a bazooka and a bad attitude, I expect you to
    chin the bitch."

    I LOVE Dog Soldiers.

  • Joe Grunenwald


  • Karen John

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