David Tennant Will Jump from One 'Broadchurch' to Another 'Broadchurch' and Back Again
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David Tennant Will Jump from One 'Broadchurch' to Another 'Broadchurch' and Back Again

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 12, 2014 | Comments ()


This has to be a first. We’ve heard of actors reprising their characters for British remakes before. For example, Peter Dinklage reprised his character from the British Death in the Family in the American version of Death in the Family. Here, however, David Tennant — who filmed one season of the British series, Broadchurch, only to reprise his role for the American adaptation on Fox this fall, Gracepoint — will now return to Britain to film a second season of Broadchurch.

I can only assume that if if Gracepoint succeeds in America, Tennant will return to film a second season there, which means Tennant could end up going back and forth filming the same season twice with different accents for years, or at least until he regenerates.

DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman) will also return for a second season of the British series, and will be joined by Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan who portrayed parents of the murdered schoolboy Danny Latimer. Arthur Darvill will reprise his role as Reverend Paul Coates.

No word yet on what case the second season will explore, but the action will stay in Broadchurch.

(Source: Radiotimes)

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  • Marc Greene

    Hopefully he's worked on his accent a bit since that American pilot he did about being a lawyer "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer". If Karen Gillan can hide her Scottish brogue, DT should be able to as well.

    I'm fine with them keeping his accent (or his Who-English variation), but I'm sure they'll suggest dumping it for 'Murica.

  • Jiffylush

    He could be a brit that moved to America after botching a famous case in the UK.

  • Bell Swerve

    So much of the appeal of the series was the town, I don't know how well they can transplant the plot into a US setting (especially now we know who did it).

  • Jiffylush

    In the remake for Old Boy they changed the nature of the... well I can't really say that without just spoiling the shit out of it.

    Anyway, they can make changes that would really alter the nature of the show even if the ending is basically the same.

  • Jiffylush

    I am guessing either Maine, or somewhere in the PNW,

  • BWeaves

    "I can only assume that if if Gracepoint succeeds in America, Tennant will return to film a second season there, which means Tennant could end up going back and forth filming the same season twice with different accents for years, or at least until he regenerates."

    I love this sentence with all my heart.

  • Lord Inferno

    I read this and all it did was remind me of how amazing Death at a Funeral is.

    Also made me realize that although I now get to bask in all of Peter Dinklage's glory in Game of Thrones, I need more Alan Tudyk in my life (who doesn't).

  • BWeaves

    I don't really see a problem with this as long as the American version is a completely different plot. Otherwise, it's extremely useless. Also, I'm not sure how they are going to do another mystery in a sleepy little town with the exact same characters. It's not like Tennant or Coleman are Miss Marple. That woman brings the plague wherever she goes.

  • Classic

    Agreed. I already know how Broadchurch BBC ends so if Broadchurch Fox ends it the same way it's pointless.

  • cox

    it says a lot of david tennant, that he received so little shit for taking such an obvious "only for the paycheck" role. i mean, if it was anyone else, we would make so much fun of this.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Yeah. British actors are pretty mercenary, but this is Tennant being a dick.

  • cox

    totally. and yet - cant bring myself to be annoyed by it that much.

  • _Alexander_

    Huh? Why would he be a dick? And what's wrong with taking such a role. People do work for money

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Because he's basically crapping all over the work he has done for Broadchurch.

  • _Alexander_

    Why? I don't get the logic here. Mind walking me through how he is crapping over it? It's not like he is Moffating the show. He is in an entirely different show/remake while he continues with the original work

  • Fabius_Maximus

    The names are different. The premise is the same. A remake cannot be "entirely different".

    You can bet on it that they are not going to change the characters or the mood, because that's why it worked in the original.

    The thinking behind a remake is that Broadchurch was not good enough for US audiences, and Tennant is supporting that.

  • Jiffylush

    I would say it was more "inaccessible" than not good enough.

    Or at least that is what I assume the logic is.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Fair point.

  • _Alexander_

    I think it's more a case of the opposite. To use Terry Pratchett " It's not Brits who think American readers are a bunch of whinging morons
    with the geo-social understanding of a wire coathanger, it's American
    editors." I am guessing it's the same thing for TV

  • Fabius_Maximus

    At least for the audience of shows like Broadchurch. But that's what I meant.

  • _Alexander_

    Why Americans? Why? Even though it's silly I get why watching something foreign and with subtitles horrifies you. That's how you have been raised on this lonely continent. But these are freaking British series. They literally speak the same language as you. Why on Earth would you do remakes? Is it some kind of a weird ego thing where you don't want sloppy seconds and everything has to be aired first in your country?

  • Jiffylush

    They showed it on BBC America, I loved it and everyone I talked to about it loved it too.

    I agree that it is completely unnecessary to remake it but for some reason no one at Fox asks my opinion about programming. :(

  • emilya

    it's less americans, and more fox being idiotic. no one i know who loved broadchurch- and that would be everyone i know who watched it- wants it to be adapted. give us almost human back and leave the broadchurching to ds miller and hardy.

  • Blake Shrapnel

    Damn it they're always talking about loos and driving on the wrong side if the road AND IT MAKES MY BRAIN HURT.

  • ShagEaredVillain

    *Death at a Funeral. I have no idea why this felt important enough to correct.

  • BWeaves

    Also, it's not like just anyone could play Dinklage's role. Or even fill his shoes.

  • kinoumenthe

    … Jordan Prentice ?
    He was, notably, in Bruges. Sorry, in In Bruges.

  • BWeaves

    That's true. I stand corrected.

  • I *loved* Broadchurch, but I feel like it should have just been a one season miniseries. It all seemed pretty finished to me. If they force a romance between Tennant and Coleman, I will be very put out.

  • Bell Swerve

    They better not, the platonic working relationship was everything to the series.

  • BWeaves


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