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September 17, 2008 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | September 17, 2008 |

The_Wire_Bubbles.jpgBetween “The Wire” and “Generation Kill” (get the DVDs when it comes out — fascinating miniseries) David Simon is the best thing HBO has going for it right now. And since the not-TV network generally knows a good thing when it’s got one, it’s hanging on to Simon for yet another project, on top of the New Orleans-based “Treme” show he’s already working on. In fact, they’re pairing him up with another former HBO guy, Tom Fontana (creator of “Oz”), who many know worked with Simon on NBC’s “Homicide.”

Anyway, they’re teaming up to write “Manhunt,” which is based on the-book-of-the-same-name by James L. Swanson and focuses on the 12-day, uhm, manhunt for John Wilkes Booth after he did a little shoot-em-up bang-bang at Ford Theater. It will come as no surprise to Simon fans that the miniseries isn’t going to focus so much on Lincoln or Booth but, rather, on those who were involved in tracking him down (what some might call the po-lice, even). And while I haven’t read Swanson’s book, I do know a little about this story thanks to Sarah Vowell’s hilarious Assassination Vacation, and it’s pretty fascinating. So color me stoked.

Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, How Was the Play? / Seth Freilich

Industry | September 17, 2008 |

Seth is a Senior Editor and sometime critic. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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