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David Morrissey, Who Plays the Governor on "The Walking Dead," Is Getting His Own Show on AMC

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 28, 2013 | Comments ()


Now, wait a second, before all you start yelling because this sounds like a spoiler for The Walking Dead because how can he do his own show and continue to be The Governor, well, let’s just say it’s not that hard, because 1) AMC shows are only 12-15 episodes a year, 2) The Governor doesn’t have a ton of screentime on The Walking Dead, 3) The Walking Dead and Morissey’s new show will both be filming in Atlanta.

Granted, I wouldn’t expect that The Governor would be around forever on The Walking Dead, especially if his show is a hit, but I doubt many expected he would, anyway.

Oh, but that new show? You want to know the details of that? It’s called Line of Sight, and it comes from Brotherhood creator/writer Blake Masters and director Jonathan Demme. What’s it about? “A National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash, bringing him on an emotionally disorienting quest to discover the accident’s cause.”

That’s an entire series? Expected to run multiple seasons?

Um, OK. In Morrissey we trust, right? It’s gotta be better than Low Winter Sun.

(Source: Deadline)

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  • TCH

    Blake Masters is back!

  • Mr_Zito

    When he survived the finale I thought it was a terrible idea, specially because what would probably happen is that he would stick around for a while and die in some ridiculous way in the middle of a season when they realized that they needed to kill someone and he wasn't that important anymore. So that's probably what's going to happen. I won't be watching it anyway (unless someone convinces me for the third time to go back to The Walking Dead "because "NOW it's good again").

  • Kristopher R

    That seems to be the problem with far too many series nowadays. The premise makes for a great miniseries. But not a multiple season arc.

  • Naye.2 greatatforgettinglogins

    That's almost the beginning of Fringe right?

  • koralroget7yq

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    I won't be watching it anyway (unless someone convinces me for the third time to go back to The Walking Dead "because "NOW it's good again").

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