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By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 19, 2009 | Comments ()

Now, we've learned that Dobkin is taking on the hilariously titled Frat Boy, a film that's sure to inspire a new generation of homoerotic popped-collar dick mittens to learn the Greek alphabet in furtherance of drunk-dick intercourse with unwilling accomplices. Can't wait!

So what's the pitch? A little baby is left in front of an Alpha Kappa Grabass and "ends up being raised by frat boys until he grows up. Think OLD SCHOOL meets TOMMY BOY." And then think about playing a little Russian roulette with your epiglottis.

The film comes from Warner Brothers in association with Dobkin's Big Kid Pictures. The first draft of the script was written by Scott Rothman, but apparently there weren't enough talking animals and frat-boy cliches, so it's currently in rewrite: Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul are handling the polishing duties. They're the drunk-brained geniuses behind Yes Man and the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine. Apparently, according to iMDB, they're also attached as writers for He's Just Not That Into You ... Either, a sequel to the romantic comedy about characters that "continue to realize that people are just not that into them."

I suspect the same could be said for Dobkin's films.

(Hat Tip: The Hollywood Cog)

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