Will You Bite the Hand that Feeds?

By TK | Trade News | November 5, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Trade News | November 5, 2009 |


Fox Searchlight recently announced that Danny Boyle's next project for them would be a biopic of Aron Ralston. Ralston, as you may or may not recall, is the mountain climber who, while climbing in Blue John Canyon in Utah, became trapped under a boulder. After five days (!), he realized that help wasn't coming and sawed off his own arm using a climber's multi-tool (after snapping the bones using other tools on hand (sorry, bad pun)). He had, at that point, already recorded a farewell video to his family using the camera he'd brought with him and carved his name and personal information on the canyon wall. At that point, he'd run out of food and water and eventually resorted to drinking his own urine.

Jesus. To think I was bitching last night because my meatball sub didn't have enough sauce on it.

Anyway, Boyle's Ralston project is now called 127 Hours. He'll likely enlist his writing partner Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) for the screenplay. Boyle's been firing off hits for most of his career, and given the gritty, almost tragic, and certainly grueling subject matter, this one should be a doozy. No cast has been announced yet, though shooting is scheduled to start in March of 2010.

(h/t to Slashfilm)

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