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danecookdddd.jpgDane Cook’s new movie, My Best Friend’s Girl comes out this weekend. I’m the not-so-fortunate reviewer who plucked the short straw and will have to suffer through it (and by “plucked the short straw,” I mean: I assigned it to myself because I couldn’t bear to subject anyone else to it). Here’s a clip from the movie, where he explains the Dirty Houdini to a group of pre-adolescents at a wedding, a scene that might have been funny in 1991, though it seems unlikely.

Anyway, I’ve reviewed — I dunno — three or four Dane Cook “romantic-comedies” in the past, and I’ve pretty much exhausted my arsenal of Dane Cook insults (my personal favorite, by the by, is “douche-tongued lothario”).

So, do me a solid, if you would. I’d be much obliged. After watching the above clip, tell me what you think of Dane Cook. Use as much profanity and/or colorful language as you’d like. Bonus points if you can offend Dane Cook fans at the same time. And, in exchange, I’ll find a way to incorporate my favorite Dane Cook descriptions/insults into tomorrow’s review. And if the trailer isn’t enough inspiration, those of you in the Metro Boston area might find the proper impetus in this: Yesterday was Dane Cook Day in Boston. Congratulations, Beantown! You’ve just given a special day to the Crown Prince of Douche.

Please: Have fun with it.

Dane Cook Pleads for a Heapin' Helping of Eye Ball Sodomy
Let's Give It To Him! / Dustin Rowles

Industry | September 18, 2008 | Comments ()

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