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August 28, 2008 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | August 28, 2008 |

“Dancing with the Stars,” new cast announced, blah blah blah. Come on — you didn’t really think I was going to blather on about this crap, did you?

I mean, there’s far more important news. Like, have you ever heard of Kara DioGuardi? No? Well many of you will be all-too-familiar with her soon because she’s been added as a fourth judge to the next season of “American Idol.” This is actually the second time Fox has tried to go to four judges — the experiment in Season Two didn’t make it through the auditions, as the new judge quit because she didn’t want to have to criticize folks. Anyway, Fox says they’re doing this so Paula isn’t the only woman at the table, which sounds fucking idiotic. My entirely uneducated guess is that they’re hoping to phase Paula out after this season, with the who-dat songwriter/producer then taking over the role of the only woman at the table (and, hopefully, the mantle of “loopy, drugged up judge” too). In any event, the one good thing about having a new judge is that for at least the first few weeks, whatever her version of standard critiques are will sound new and fresh. But if she busts out a “you were a bit pitchy,” I’m driving across the country just so I can huck my TV into the Schuylkill.

…sigh. Of the bajillion procedurals out there, “Numb3rs” is one of the few that I regularly watch. I find the cast affable, the storylines just interesting enough and, most importantly, the nerd in me has to support a show that tries to center itself around the wonders of math. But one of my favorite things of the show the last few seasons has been Diane Farr, who is one of my biggest TV crushes. She’s gone now, and her inevitable replacement comes in the form of Sophina Brown. I have no particular problem with this actress, mind you, but per the press release, she’s playing “a tough, street-smart ex-LAPD officer and full-blown adrenaline junkie who got her law degree at night school.” And that’s my problem — they’re replacing my sex psychoanalyst Fed with a “tough as nails” lawyer/cop hybrid? Blurgh.

Those of you with HBO, if you didn’tt been watching “Generation Kill,” for shame. It may be a bit tough to get into out the gate, what with all the fancy jargon and the Marines being hard to tell apart, but it’s engaging as all hell, politics of the war aside. If you missed the boat, get oscar mike and set your DVRs to HBO2 on September 9 for the re-airing. You’ll be happy, and you’ll flush the TV Whore with gratitude. And I like gratitude. (And I imagine you DVD Folk who don’t have the HBO won’t have to wait too long to get some of this for yourselves and, when you do, again … make it rain some gratitude up in this bitch.)

In other not-watching news, if you haven’t been watching “Swingtown,” you’re not alone. And that’s OK — it’s not a terrible show, but neither is it a particularly good show. It’s actually the perfect summer fluff. And the assumption has been, pretty much from the get-go and certainly since CBS moved it from Thursdays to Fridays, that this summer run would be all she wrote for the show. But it seems that some of the uppity-ups at CBS dig the show and are trying to find a way to keep it around. While it still seems unlikely to be granted a second season, the network has started shopping the show around to cable networks, hoping to find someone willing to pick it up and let it carry on. Whether this would mean some type of shared deal, like NBC put together for “Friday Night Lights” with DirecTV, or a simple hand-off to a cable net is anybody’s guess (best move would probably be to ship it to sister station Showtime so at least they could give us some graphic orgies!) But my gut tells me nothing will come of this, because the show just isn’t good enough to compel some sort of fancy schmany deal, the way “FNL” did.

“Welcome to the LAPD, bitch.” That’s what Benjamin McKenzie may soon hear, as he’s in talks to join the pilot of NBC’s new drama, “LAPD.” As one might guess, it’s a show about LA cops, starring Regina King and some other folks. No word on who McKenzie will play, but probably a cop who speaks with a very stilted and unbelievable manner. Seriously, McKenzie is one of the worst actors of our generation to have starred in a once-popular TV show. (Mini-diversion — who else you got for this category?)

At ABC, it appears that the Alphabet has picked up Rob Thomas’ “Cupid,” a reworking of his earlier series by the same name, with a series order. The remake stars Bobby Cannavale as the maybe God of Love, who’s maybe stuck on Earth until he can pair off a certain number of happy couples (I believe it was 100 in the original series). The show’s first go-round was a cute and fun little thing, and although it remains to be seen whether Thomas can do it again, I’m cautiously optimistic. So I’ll be happily tuning in whenever ABC decides to brings this puppy online (early 2009 is the safe bet). Not sure, however, if I’ll tune in for “Castle,” another show ABC has picked. Sure, it’s got Nathan Fillion. That’s a good thing. But it’s about a book writer helping out the NYPD with their unsolved crimes. That’s a bad thing.

Seth Freilich is Pajiba’s television editor. He’s too tired and surly to come up with a clever tag so just get on to the comments already. But he’ll leave up Manga TV Whore for one more week while wondering if Manga TV Whore also has a shitty herniated disc.

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Aug. 27, 2008

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Seth is a Senior Editor and sometime critic. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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