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Jesus God let this happen. Make this happen.

We announced a few weeks back that the Coen brothers were going to adapt True Grit, and had already cast Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, the role originally made famous by none other than John Wayne (he won an Oscar for his performance). As Dustin mentioned in his original post, the film will be less a remake of the Henry Hathaway-directed 1969 film, and more a straight-up, true-to-source adaptation of the novel by Charlie Portis.

Well, (via Slashfilm) the casting news has just gone from "awesome" to "really fucking kickass," with the news that Josh Brolin and Matt Damon are in talks to co-star. Brolin would play Tom Chaney, the killer being hunted by Cogburn and La Boeuf (Damon's proposed role). If it works out, it'd be an absolutely tremendous cast. All of the players have worked together before except Damon -- Bridges and the Coens in The Big Lebowski, obviously, and the Coens also worked with Brolin in the spectacular No Country For Old Men. The Coen brothers do several things right -- one of which is write, and the other is they routinely hit their casting out of the goddamn park. If Damon and Brolin sign on, I'll probably geekgasm uncontrollably.

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