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Damnit! AMC's "The Killing" Found A Way To Make Me Watch Again

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | February 13, 2013 | Comments ()

But they didn't tell us who the killer was, which pissed off a lot of people. Then showrunner Veena Sud said to us, "Oh, we'll solve the murder within the first few episodes, then we'll start a new investigation." But she didn't follow through on that promise, either. She dragged that goddamn investigation through two full seasons, and the only reason I watched it all was so that I could find out who the murderer was, tell everyone, and save them from having to watch it.

AMC then had the good sense to cancel the damn show because there was significant viewer loss, and everyone was frustrated with the series, despite the incredible talent in front of the camera. Unfortunately, AMC changed their mind after a deal with Netflix, and they revived the series, which will likely begin airing again in May 2013. Despite promises of a new investigation, most of us have written off the series anyway because Veena Sud is still the showrunner.

But, now the bastards have brought Peter Sarsgaard aboard, and anyone who loves fine actors loves Peter Sarsgaard. He'll be playing a ""a lifelong convict born into poverty and crime" nearing the end of his time on death row. That's a juicy role. Plus, the third series will focus on several murders, all connected to an old Sarah Linden case. That's also interesting. The question is, will the sons of bitches kick it into gear in the third season and finally achieve the potential we saw in "The Killing" back in season one?

Peter Sarsgaard is reason enough to find out. Damnit.


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