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May 15, 2008 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | May 15, 2008 |

Click on the links to read my write-ups on the new NBC and ABC schedules. Now, it’s CW time. I barely watch the CW. I suspect that’s true for many of y’all. And there’s really not much to talk about anyways, so this’ll be a short rundown.

Mondays. At 8 p.m., it’s no surprise that “Gossip Girl” is getting a second season (with a hefty 24 episodes), and I know many of you are happy about that (go ahead, squee if you must). It’ll be followed by “One Tree Hill.” You know, I am fully aware that this show has been on for some five or six seasons. But honest to god, I can’t tell you one fucking thing about it. Is it about a hill? A hill with one tree, maybe? And folks sit under the tree and ponder life? Is it the tree that Newton sat under, what dropped an apple on his head? I would maybe watch if that’s the case.

Tuesdays. Tuesdays are all new for the CW. At 8 p.m. it’s the “90210” reboot which is being called … “90210.” And it’ll surely have decent ratings (for the CW, at least) when it first starts, but we’ll have to see if it can live up to the ever-so-mild hype. We all know that the new shows rarely do. It’s followed by the second of the CW’s three new shows, “Surviving the Filthy Rich.” This is about a recent Yale graduate and her plans to become the next great journalist. Only she’s just been fired from the cruddy tabloid she was working at, and now she’s become a live-in tutor for a Florida cosmetics mogul’s twin teenage granddaughters. …So, uhm, there you go.

Wednesdays. Tyra Banks and her ginormous forehead are back for a new round of “America’s Next Top Model” and when the yelling and runwaying and crying is over, you can watch the new show “Stylista.” The press release says this is like the reality show version of The Devil Wears Prada. Because it’s a contest with folks working as assistants at Elle magazine, trying to win an editorial job. Sounds like crap to me, but so does “ANTM.” For those that dig “Top Model,” this is probably a good follow-up.

Thursdays. Eight p.m. remains the home of the Lex Luthor-free final season of “Smallville.” I think it’s safe to say he’ll show up at least once or twice though, anyways, perhaps after Supes deals with Doomsday, who’s supposed to show up. Nine p.m., meanwhile, sees the return of “Supernatural,” which should make many of the girls squee some more, if “Gossip Girl” didn’t get it out of their system.

Midseason, this 8 p.m. slot is likely where “Reaper” and its thirteen episodes will go, when “Smallville” takes its first flight (because I’m guessing that show will end with Clark donning the cape and taking off … bold prediction, I know). I’m pretty psyched that “Reaper” got picked up (it was big-time on the bubble). The season was off to a rocky start, as it was fairly formulaic episode-to-episode, but the final few episodes picked up as it strayed from the formula, and I actually wound up quite digging the show. If it can keep growing, we could be in for some good stuff next season.

Fridays. “Everybody Hates Chris” is still around, although 8 p.m. on Friday is practically the same thing as canceled. It’s followed by “The Game,” another show I know has been on for a while (two seasons? three?) and which I know nothing about. Nine p.m. will give you a repeat of the Forehead’s “America’s Next Top Model.”

Meanwhile, the CW has pulled an interesting experiment for Sunday nights. Instead of running its own shows, it’s contracted the airtime out to a company called Media Rights Capital. MRC is going to fill the time with two comedies and two dramas from independent producers. So essentially, it’s a test on whether this company can put together better programming than the network.

For those of you looking for “Beauty and the Geek,” keep on looking. ‘Twas canceled. Same for “Aliens in America,” “Life is Wild” and, thankfully, that stupid Pussycat Dolls reality show.

And that’s the CW fall schedule kids. Smell ya’ later.

Seth Freilich is Pajiba’s television editor. He must admit that the teaser commercial for “90210,” with the familiar little guitar riff, makes him the teensiest bit giddy.

Aw, that cute little network is still hanging around

CWs 2008 Fall Schedule / The TV Whore
May 15, 2008

Industry | May 15, 2008 |

Seth is a Senior Editor and sometime critic. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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