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January 19, 2009 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | January 19, 2009 |

I’ve never been the biggest anime fan, but I’m also not dumb enough to write off an entire storytelling medium just because a lot of it has to do with (I think) robots having sex. When I was a freshman in college, my roommate — a great and endearing kid who loved cargo pants, played trombone in the band, and would staunchly defend Eve 6’s second album — introduced me to “Cowboy Bebop,” and I enjoyed it. Sure, it had some of the genre’s stylistic quirks (annoying kid sidekick), but I totally dug the bounty hunter stories mixed with this weird hybrid of action/sci-fi/Western/neo-noir/chase story. It was a solid series, and the DVDs are well worth picking up for anyone looking for a fun and engaging little story.

But with all good things, sooner or later someone comes along to ruin it, and that seems to the case with the news that Fox will be bringing “Cowboy Bebop” to the big screen (despite the fact that an animated feature was released in 2001). Worse yet: It’s going to star Keanu Reeves.

Yes, that Keanu.

Reeves will play Spike, a bounty hunter and pilot of the spaceship Bebop. The movie’s set for a 2011 release, but (spoiler?) I can tell you now that it will probably suck. Probably definitely suck.

Here’s a fun clip to distract you from the fact that, despite your belief in a just and whole universe, Keanu Reeves keeps getting work:

Hey Look, Another Good Thing Is Being Destroyed

3, 2, 1, Let's Jam / Daniel Carlson

Industry | January 19, 2009 |

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