Conspiracy Theory Soapbox: 'Louie' Edition
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Conspiracy Theory Soapbox: ‘Louie’ Edition

By Vivian Kane | Trade News | April 21, 2014 | Comments ()


In anticipation of the premiere of the new season of Louie, FX has been releasing a steady stream of promos and teaser clips. And they all have something in common.

First there was this semi-suicidal commercial.

Then the visit with the doctor.

And then this weekend, they released this longer piece dealing with death and all manner of malady.

After this train of death-centered promos, I was ready to go full Dustin with my theories and speculations. Could Louie die at the end of this season? That would be the ultimate cap on the hilariously morbid bent of the show. Not that that idea is overt or even remotely likely, of course, but for a show so meticulously crafted, I doubt it’s mere coincidence that every teaser thus far has had to do with injury or death.

But then a few hours ago FX put out this new promo clip.

Nevermind! It’s not all about death. There are vibrators too! Everyone back to your day.

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  • Responding to this week-old article that no one really responded to the first time to say that it would actually be fitting if Louis killed off Louie this season, only to pick up and do another season next year as if nothing ever happened. I believe he's on record just saying he writes whatever works for each episode without much care for an overall world outside each particular episode or story arc. I think that would be fantastic. I also think I think about Louie too much.

  • DaniellaPolite

    what does it mean for the Conspiracy Theory?

  • Cree83

    When he did Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Seinfeld, I think he said he envisioned the show going for seven seasons or something like that. Throwing us off the trail, eh Louie?

  • Death BY vibrator!

  • vivkane

    Oh my god, you're a GENIUS!

  • BWeaves

    Hey, those things have been known to kill.

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