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Now That's More Like It

By TK Burton | Industry | July 21, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Industry | July 21, 2010 |

Now we're talkin'.

OK, I know I post a lot of shit about comic movies. What can I say, it's sort of my ouevre. Well, that and fucking Lifetime movies, apparently (burn in hell, Rowles). And I know that the images so far of the next two entries in the pre-Avengers franchises -- Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger (title's still dumb) -- haven't exactly inspired people, although I still kinda dig them. But the first official posters for them, released for Comic-Con?

Pretty fucking sweet.

Now, I know these are heavily stylized and are more artist rendering than actual shots of the movie, but still -- they feel right. In the absence of footage, I'll take 'em. Here they are (click to enlarge):

First, Cap in all his WWII glory:


And here's Thor:


Not bad, eh? The Thor one is a little nutty, what with the battling Loki on... a volcano? The sun? But I dig 'em both.

Not that I give a crap, but whaddaya think?

(source: Yahoo Movies)

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