Come Original, You Got To Come Original: Directv And Netflix Both Announce New Series

By Jodi Smith | Trade News | January 10, 2013 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Trade News | January 10, 2013 |

DirecTV must realize that people actually have choices about what they use to watch shows, so they're banging out an original series of their own. This one is called "Rogue" and stars Thandie Newton as a detective working undercover. The season will have 10 episodes that each run one hour and all of them have already been completed. Here is the trailer for "Rogue."

The really nice thing about the original content being made is that the distributor owns everything and doesn't need to rely on pilots or ratings before it finishes the season. Viewers can enjoy a new show and have assurances that they will be watching to a satisfying conclusion instead of pretending a mid-season episode is the series finale. You also get all of the violence, language, and nakedness that you would if you had HBO or Showtime subscriptions, but at a fraction of the price! I don't know about you, but discount debauchery is still debauchery. I do wonder if people will specifically get DirecTV or Netflix just to watch original content. I mean, if they wanted Netflix for streaming or DirecTV for the channels, they would have them already. Will people really let some original content push them into using either company?

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