Come Original, You Got To Come Original: Directv And Netflix Both Announce New Series

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Come Original, You Got To Come Original: Directv And Netflix Both Announce New Series

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | January 10, 2013 | Comments ()

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Netflix is striving to stay your number one girl in a world where you can choose to stream movies and television shows in your own home from a variety of reliable sources. The streaming giant already has the new season of "Arrested Development" and one original series under their belt with "Lilyhammer" (which I haven't seen). Now they have joined with Eli Roth to bring the supernatural book "Hemlock Grove" to our various streaming devices as a series on April 19th. All 13 episodes will be released at once so you can plow through without stupid cliffhanger business ruining your week. Check out the trailer.

DirecTV must realize that people actually have choices about what they use to watch shows, so they're banging out an original series of their own. This one is called "Rogue" and stars Thandie Newton as a detective working undercover. The season will have 10 episodes that each run one hour and all of them have already been completed. Here is the trailer for "Rogue."

The really nice thing about the original content being made is that the distributor owns everything and doesn't need to rely on pilots or ratings before it finishes the season. Viewers can enjoy a new show and have assurances that they will be watching to a satisfying conclusion instead of pretending a mid-season episode is the series finale. You also get all of the violence, language, and nakedness that you would if you had HBO or Showtime subscriptions, but at a fraction of the price! I don't know about you, but discount debauchery is still debauchery. I do wonder if people will specifically get DirecTV or Netflix just to watch original content. I mean, if they wanted Netflix for streaming or DirecTV for the channels, they would have them already. Will people really let some original content push them into using either company?

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  • james

    I just have
    a hard time believing DTV will succeed with original content; I saw ‘Lilyhammer’,
    which was terrible, and Hemlock Grove doesn't look much better. Is this a
    financial scheme by the providers? I know they own the rights and everything,
    but they should probably stick to what they know. I think Netflix has a better
    chance of succeeding here. With my Blockbuster @Home package from DISH I
    get access to over 100,000 movies, games and shows. It costs less than
    Netflix, and I can get them streaming or by mail. A few DISH coworkers
    and I live together, and when we got this it was fantastic and horrible at the
    same time; fantastic because we have so much to watch now, but horrible because
    we're always fighting over whom gets BB @Home control!

  • kilmo

    Are these shows eligible for Emmys/Golden Globes, etc? I can't imagine some actors wanting to this kind of stuff without benefit of awards.

  • Semilitterate

    OK, I admit to being a bit of a doofus on this stuff, ie, I subscribe to Directv AND netflix. I have a significant other ho says I can't drop the Satellite because sho would lose the locals and the good stuff on the networks. I would lose Justified. But that 90 bucks a month is beginning to look stupid. I see a digital antennae in my future. Netflixx can keep me occupied for endless hours and I would never run out of stuff to watch (those indie movies are great) and I could with Person of Interest and Elementary and pay to have a digital antennae paid for with about 2 months worth of Directv payments. Sounds like a plan

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    I canceled my Netflix streaming a while back and cut back to two discs (which I can sometimes take weeks to watch). I just couldn't justify my usage of streaming. I will be picking it up though for Arrested Development, and I will make time. Probably just burn a vacation day and marathon the episodes.

    So now they are not only getting my money for streaming, they are going to cause me to lose a vacation day at work. Evil bastards.

  • mats19

    I always took the more original content as a thing that kept customers rather then brought more customers in. Looking at it like that makes more sense in my mind at least... kind of like how a lot of local providers push that if you change over to the bigger conglomerates you lose out on local news channels... it's a way to keep the people from wanting to leave?

  • Snath

    Anything with Famke is a win in my book, even if it's from Eli Roth. The best thing he ever did or ever will do was Inglorious Basterds. Suck on it, Roth.

  • Mavis Beacon

    I would subscribe to Netflix just for Fincher's House of Cards series. Now that looks good. Thankfully, I'm already subscribed.

  • AudioSuede

    It took me a while to remember what song the title of this article is from, and then I remembered it's a 311 song, and the irony of the lyric blew my brain apart.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Good move for Netflix ($8 bucks a months), stupid move for DirecTV ($100ish a month). Nothing about DirecTV is discount. Anything worth a damn will make it's way to some format that I can purchase/rent on demand, be it streaming, dvd, the internet, whatever. I'm not gonna get bent over by DirecTV just for the privilege of watching one show.

  • Afferbeck

    "Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet"

    I've been seeing that for years. Come on Netflix, I would actually like to give you my money. Until then, to the torrent sites!

  • dizzylucy

    I'm already a Netflix customer, but if I weren't, I'd subscribe for Arrested Development. Beyond that, I don't know, but that one for sure would have gotten me to sign up.

  • TK

    On the one hand, "Hemlock Grove" looks awful. On the other hand, FAMKE.

    So yeah, I'm in.

  • Groundloop

    It's sure to be a shitshow, but The Famke means I'll have to check it out. Also, I've been studying that last shot of Famke on the bed, for research purposes, and all I can say is that if it were me in that scene with her, my eyeline would definitely be somewhere else.

  • phase10

    You still have a free hand?

  • NateMan

    But it looks awful in the right way.

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