Colin Farrell Eyed for 'True Detective' Season Two Lead, Along with Taylor Kitsch
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Colin Farrell Eyed for 'True Detective' Season Two Lead, Along with Taylor Kitsch

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 11, 2014 | Comments ()


A lot of folks have been wrong in jumping the gun on the second season of True Detective casting, but a day after learning that there are four central roles in the second season, we are learning from The Wrap and their inside source (and reporter Jeff Sneider is really good at this) that Colin Farrell is being eyed for and is close to completing a deal for the older male lead.

Meanwhile. Taylor Kitsch is a strong possibility for one of the other leads, and he actually seems like a great fit (if you think Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor and don’t think, John Carter and Battleship). Garrett Hedlund is reportedly also up for the same role, but Kitsch has the edge, and it would certainly get his career back on track.

Also, if you need it, here’s a quick reminder of what Taylor Kitsch can do:


You’re welcome.

Source: The Wrap

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  • Emmet O'Cuana

    Is this the first tv Farrell's done since Ballykissangel?

    Let's hope it can live up to that magnum opus of Paddywhackery.

  • Nathan Convey

    Nothing will ever be more dramatic than Assumpta's death! Or that time Ambrose went over the cliff after that hoor of a wife was making eyes at Jimmy Nesbitt!

  • Now if they wanted to add Kyle Chandler to the cast, I'd be completely okay with that, too. Clear eyes, full hearts...

    (and yes, I'm aware that my FNL obsession borders on the ridiculous. I just love it so, so much.)

  • emilya

    You're in good company here. My phone alarm is the theme song from FNL- 5 days a week, for the last 4 years I've woken up to that song and I credit it for making me seem like a morning person ;)

  • Sammers

    I call bullshit! Maybe I am just overly feisty and/or have had too much wine (yes, one may be caused by the other, but whatever), but I don't care how good this Jeff Sneider dude is, i am not going to get my hopes up, or panties in a twist until I read an official announcement from HBO. That being said, Colin Farrell would be kinda cool.

  • ASFan

    Well, I can't think about True Detective without thinking about Alexandra Daddario, so speaking of, when are the top five freebies gonna be posted?

  • kirbyjay

    Watching Lone Survivor, I had no idea who was playing the part of Murphy ( was it Murphy?) and when I found out it was Kellan Taylor LutzKitsch, I said.......oh

  • Obviously he's controversial around these parts, but I do love me some Taylor Kitsch. He broke my heart as Tim Riggins on FNL. Texas Forever!

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Thank you Internet Jebus for shirtless Tim Riggins pictures. We shall now take communion in the form of Lone Star beer. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Texas forever. Amen.

  • Dulce et Banana

    Only if Farrell uses his own accent.

  • lonolove

    Stop trying to make Kitsch happen! It's not going to happen!

  • Nathan Convey

    Seriously. He's been good as one character, one which required him to be stoic 90% of the time. He's been awful in everything else, The Normal Heart most recently.

  • Has anyone ever seen a real detective? They all look like Michael Chiklis in The Commish. I disapprove of this pretty-boy casting, all acting abilities aside.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Lana, I'm going to need a ruling on this.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I am very excited about half of this "announcement". Colin Farrell makes me giggle.

  • Art3mis

    What about the female lead? I'm really trying not to prejudge this too much, but I'm concerned by the idea it's going to be about Farrell with two or three supporting men and one lady thrown into the mix

  • carrie

    Apparently it will be 2 male leads and a woman.I guess after Jessica Chastain's fiasco,they wait to be sure

  • ASFan

    How about Alexandra Daddario? :P

    Or perhaps Brooklyn Decker to reunite her with Kitsch and also show us her 'acting credentials'.

  • Kala

    Yes to Colin Farrell. When he picks a good project, he's pretty good (I'm thinking In Bruges, Pride and Glory).

    No on the Kitsch. I can't with that guy. I started watching Friday Night Lights (thanks to you guys) and I want to hit him until my knuckles bleed. It's the face, really. That smug, gastrointestinal-ly unsound face.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I'm not a big fan of Kitsch...but I would love to see Colin Farrell finally sort himself out and live up to his potential.

  • Colin Farrell is a damn good, damn underrated actor and I hope he gets the part. I'm optimistic on Kitsch since Lone Survivor.

    And since this will premiere in January or February 2015, I'm going to go ahead and start calling this "2rue Detective: Winter's Tale" now so we're all onboard by the premiere.

  • pajiba

    "2rue Detective: Winter's Tale"

    Consider that Potato'd.

  • SlurpyDurp

    Hollywood, stop trying to make Kitsch happen. It's not going to happen.

  • shhhh yes yes he will. I believe!

  • thank you for that Dustin, that photo will get me through the day. Also Colin farrell is good when he has good material... not time travel-y romantic crap or you know... daredevil so I am ok with that.

  • Altius

    KITSCH. Yes.

  • Merski

    Please, not Colin Farrell, for the love of all things holy...

  • Helo

    I dunno, his indie fare is quite good. Tigerland, in particular.

  • I think he's made some poor decisions, but when he's got a good director with good material, I think he's awesome. In Bruges, The New World, and Minority Report stand out to me.

    You've never liked him in anything?

  • Merski

    I see what you're saying. He really was ok in 'In Bruges' (my God that movie was awesome), I think I just have an irrational dislike for him that I can't quite explain. To me, he just seems to always be playing a version of the same person with a more or less Irish accent...

  • Judge_Snyder

    Farrell is an excellent and compelling actor, but a terrible "movie star". If he stuck to interesting roles instead of headlining ones he could build a hell of a reputation.

    More Horrible Bosses, less Total Recalls.

  • Totally know what you're saying - I sort of feel the same way about Taylor Kitsch :|

  • carrie

    Good for them

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