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Clash of the Titans 2: Kraken Boogaloo Gets a New Director

By William Goss | Trade News | August 31, 2010 | Comments ()

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With a reported budget of $125 million, it wouldn't seem like this spring's Clash of the Titans remake did all that well, what with a domestic gross of $163 million. But leave it to Not America to earn it another $328 million, a take that not only guarantees that the film broke even, but also guarantees the world a sequel - like it or not.

Audiences may or may not be back for more (with the script still in the works, it's a little hard to say), but I can tell you who won't be back: Titans director Louis Leterrier. And for Warner Brothers, that's just fine, because according to Variety, Jonathan Liebesman has taken the reins on this bad boy.

If I had to guess, his work on next spring's effects-heavy alien invasion flick, Battle: Los Angeles, impressed the right suits and earned him the gig. (After all, it sure as shit wasn't Darkness Falls or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.) Even better yet, the sequel will shot in 3D instead of lazily, sloppily, poorly converted after the fact (see: Titans, Clash of the (2010)).

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