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By Dustin Rowles | Industry | September 12, 2008 |

angelina-jolie-changeling1.jpgHow do you know that Oscar season is impending? Because Clint Eastwood has a film coming out, and there’s lots of yelling. And I swear to God, Angelina Jolie channels Sean Penn in the trailer for Changeling. “I WANT MY SON BA-ACK!”

But you know what? From this two-minute clip, you know who looks and sounds amazing? Not Angelina Jolie. Not John Malcovich. But Jeffrey fucking Donovan. I think I’d given him a supporting actor nod just for his role in this trailer.

This Year's "IS THAT MY DAUGHTER IN THERE?" Oscar Goes to Angelina Jolie
The Sean Penn School of Acting / Dustin Rowles

Industry | September 12, 2008 | Comments ()

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