Casting News Delivers Major Spoiler (Kind Of) to Showtime's "Shameless"

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Casting News Delivers Major Spoiler (Kind Of) to Showtime's "Shameless"

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 5, 2013 | Comments ()


If you're not caught up on Showtime's "Shameless," or if you don't want to know anything about the next season, you should leave this post immediately, as this casting news provides both clarity on season three and muddies the water a little on season four.

Regular viewers of Showtime's "Shameless" will recall that, at the end of last season, Jimmy's (Justin Chatwin) fate was seemingly in question. He had taken a trip on a boat, where the father of the woman he married for green card purposes was presumably going to kill him and throw him overboard. There was never any resolution to that, and I guess I thought that Jimmy would probably survive the ordeal and make his way back to Fiona.

Maybe not.

At a TV Academy Emmy panel for the series last night, producer John Wells announced that Jimmy would not be returning to the series, which would seem to suggest that Jimmy is, in fact, dead, which gives me the sads. I liked Jimmy. He was a f*ck-up but I liked him, and he deserved a better send off than the ambiguous one he received (though, fans of the British series will recall that the Jimmy character in that series, played by James McAvoy, left, but then returned to run away with Fiona. However, I very much doubt that the Showtime series would go on without Emmy Rossum).

However, a Showtime rep quickly "clarified" the statement, and said that Justin Chatwin would not be returning as a series regular, but the actor could return for an episode or two next season. Was that Showtime simply covering its ass? Or maybe he will return to provide some resolution? Or maybe we'll only see him as a corpse, in a flashback, or in a dream sequence. It would otherwise seem weird to bring him back for one or two episodes only to kill him off again.

However it works out, I understand it because Jimmy had essentially exhausted his usefulness to the show, but nevertheless, I'm still bummed because I liked that guy. And Chatwin.

(Source: THR)

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