'Carrie' Viral Prank: Am I The Only Person That Hates This Kind of Sh*t?

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'Carrie' Viral Prank: Am I The Only Person That Hates This Kind of Sh*t?

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | October 7, 2013 | Comments ()


I loathe pranks meant to scare or get a reaction from strangers. You can beat the everloving idiocy out of family members, but beat up a stranger for a prank and it’s assault. Not to mention I already have panic and anxiety about leaving the house and mingling with other humans. I don’t need the added nagging fear of being publicly humiliated for a movie studio’s marketing purposes.

That said, this stupid prank is actually well done and clever. The reactions of the unsuspecting patrons are pretty great and one woman makes some terrified squeaks. I’m exceedingly glad that I wasn’t one of the customers to pop in for coffee that day.

Regardless of your feelings about pranks, does this kind of stunt make you more likely to watch the Carrie remake? The people being scared sh*tless didn’t know it was a promotion until well after. I don’t think I would be inclined to see the movie even after being calmed and told it was all a bunch of movie magic to sell a product. Would you? After all, Carrie should have at least taught us to be more mindful of the people we f*ck with via prank.

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  • Dennis Albert Ramirez

    well, *i* thought it was great. they do stuff like this more often in Europe, if i am not mistaken. </shrugs>

  • eeky

    I can't believe you guys think these were real customers.

  • chanohack

    Maybe this speaks to my area of the country, but how did they know the shop wasn't frequented by someone who was packing who might pull a gun on "Carrie"?

    Is there a "conceal and Carrie" joke in here somewhere, or am I trying too hard?

  • Olorin

    I think they're lucky some high strung, hair trigger nut didn't shoot the actress.

  • mairimba

    That's a great prank, but I won't be watching the Carrie remake cause I had already seen the trailer and it looks like crap.

  • Guest

    The problem with pranks is that you can never know what the effects will be on people. I understand the spirit and motivation behind them, and this one was definitely well done, but I just can't be okay with it. Pranks are childish humor at best. And this one had the potential to truly terrify and cause emotional distress, which I think is pretty crappy.

  • stardust

    That is fucking stupid. I'd be tearing that coffee shop a new one on review sites for participating in that idiocy. I was a little interested in the Carrie remake, but now I'll be checking it out from the library so the producers don't get residuals from viewing it on Netflix or Amazon.

  • BobbFrapples

    I would have lost my mind and then they'd have to clean up the pungent mess I left on the floor as I dashed from the room.

  • Jelinas

    The only way being pranked like this would make me want to see the movie is if they gave me free tickets afterwards by way of an apology.

    Even then, I'd only see it because I'm Asian and would hate to see the tickets go to waste.

  • Berry

    If there's one thing I've learned during my travels trough this vast waste-land we call the Internet, it's that you're never the only one. Never ever. No matter how odd an opinion, world-view or fetish, there's someone who shares it. Always. Besides, you're about pranks, so...

    I can't say whether this makes me more inclined to see the Carrie remake, 'cause can't watch videos at work, but it's a pretty safe bet to say that it would be extremely difficult to make me want to see it less than I do right now. Stupid prank might just achieve that though.

  • eeky

    Fake "customers" are fake.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Sadly, that prank looked more original and interesting than the Carrie remake.

  • BWeaves


  • Andrew

    Is Carrie getting chocolate dumped on her now? Or is it some weird color tinting that a studio censor insisted on.

    Because, you know, he's never seen any prime time procedural ever in the past twenty years.

  • BWeaves

    After they banned Red Dye #5, the only alternatives tended to be on the brown side of red.

    How do I know? I worked in the factory that made the Betty Crocker red icing roses you can buy in the grocery store to plop on top of a cake and pretend you decorated it yourself. There were ladies who did nothing but make these roses by hand and then let them dry to a sugary hardness only rivaled by concrete. When they replaced Red Dye #5, the roses turned brown.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Hey, those cochineal snails that Starbucks uses in its strawberries drinks are made for this!

  • BWeaves

    Cochineal are insects not snails. And only the female bugs, at that. The males have only one purpose in life.

    The snail that provides purple dye is from the Murex snail and was known as Tyrian purple. It's a royal purple, whereas cochineal is more of a scarlet color.

    I'm a dyer as well as a weaver.

  • GDI

    My pranks tend to end with some one getting thrush via indirect contact/"dirty" futons.
    True story.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    gross, yet hilarious.

  • e jerry powell

    NOTHING makes me more likely to see the Carrie remake. Not male models dressed in nothing but sushi and $100 bills. Not five-string electric cellos. Not cake. Not Armani suits. Not all the tropical hibiscus that the greenhouse can hold.

  • bastich

    Sounds like you just described Joel Schumacher's "Carrie".

  • e jerry powell

    I rest my case.

  • Sars

    I mean the entire point of Carrie, really was, maybe don't play horribly cruel pranks on people, because they might* freak out and burn you to bits in the process.

  • BWeaves

    Yeah, it's not like the guy pranked the woman. He just accidentally bumped into her.

  • Sars

    It's not like he dropped pig blood all over her new imac, using a fair-trade bucket hanging from the ceiling....

  • e jerry powell


  • Yocean

    What if one of the people scared actually had some telekinesis? That would be a good scare on these marketing nitwits.

  • Thor

    I generally like it unless the prank is inherently mean-spirited.

    I'll give you an example: There was a guy on Youtube whose prank was to ask to borrow people's phones, then he'd pretend to steal them. Not only not funny, but just mean.

    A better prank: The flaming wallet prank. It's too complicated to describe, but look it up and you'll see why I think it's not mean so much as funny.

  • DehydrationStation

    "Am I The Only Person That Hates This Kind of Sh*t?"

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Zen

    I imagine you just made the list.

  • DehydrationStation

    I have the most appropriate avatar for a guy who is constantly upvoted and downvoted at the same rate.

  • manting

    if you touch my stuff, I'll kill ya.

  • sal paradise

    I know one of the women in this video! And believe me, she was not happy. People have been spamming her facebook with it, and she's just embarrassed and still rather upset at being shocked like that.

  • fashionoutlier

    Wow. But I would think that the producers would need the permission of the subjects before airing this?

  • manting

    people would have to sign releases allowing them to air the promo/prank

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I don't know if that's true for a youtube video...

  • manting

    it is if a film company is behind it. The studio lawyers would insist on it. WHat if this caused someone to have a heart attack? There would have to be insurance as well.

  • Ruthie O

    I know someone who likes pranks.


  • OK, how about we dress up as ghosts and beat the costumers with chains and real dead chickens?! Huh? YEAH!

  • Xander

    How about we turn the customers into ghosts huh huh!??!?!?

  • Skyler Durden

    I like the woman who was screaming in fear but doesn't stop recording with her phone at the same time.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Priorities. If I'm dying, I'm getting that shit on record.

  • URnotright

    For a prank this was well done. No one or their personal property were at any risk. I applaud them. Just before Halloween too! (evil cackles) I need a bigger budget for my pranks.

  • Pentadactyl


  • Nikki

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  • Bert_McGurt

    Dammit, Nikki - nope means nope!

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