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Joss Whedon Recruits More People to Kill

By Daniel Carlson | Trade News | March 10, 2009 | Comments ()

The plot and character descriptions are still being withheld by the studio, so there's still not a lot to go on besides the fact that there's this cabin, and it's in the woods, and people go there and do things. The screenplay is rumored to be "genre-tweaking," which sounds about right for Whedon. The guy can do amazing things with genre when given a chance. (Space Western, anyone?)

Additionally, the film's release has been pushed back from Oct. 23 to Feb. 5 of next year, most likely because Oct. 23 also sees the release of the hotly anticipated Saw VI, and when I say "hotly anticipated," I mean, "Please people for the love of all this is holy stop seeing these movies so Hollywood stops making them." The February date should work well, too, since spring always sees a bump in horror releases. The film is already shooting.

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