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By the Numbers: 27 Numerical Facts About Last Night's Emmy Awards

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 24, 2012 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 24, 2012 |

10 -- The record for consecutive wins, which "The Daily Show" now holds in the Best Variety category.

3 and a Half -- Jon Cryer became the first actor to ever win an Emmy in both the supporting and leading man categories for the same character.

6 -- The number of wins by "Game of Thrones" and "Homeland," the two shows who tied for most wins last night.

23 -- HBO's number of Emmy wins, leading all other networks.

19 -- The number of tears that Aaron Paul shed after beating out Giancarlo Esposito for Best Supporting Actor. "I cried in his arms and said, 'It doesn't make sense that I was on that stage and you were not."


32 million -- The number of people who mentioned BITCH or MAGNETS after Aaron Paul won the award for Best Supporting Actor.


2 -- The number of shows ("Breaking Bad," "Mad Men") more deserving than "Homeland" of the Best Drama series Emmy.

4 -- The number of actors who won Emmys for the first time: Kevin Costner, Damien Lewis, Tom Berenger, and Julianne Moore.

37 -- The number of Emmys that "Saturday Night Live" has won in the series' history, tying it with "Frasier" for the most by one show.

7 -- The number of times that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has been nominated for Best Comedy and lost, setting a record for most nominations for a comedy without a win.

9 -- The number of times that "Amazing Race" has won for best reality series since the category was introduced 10 years ago.

16 -- The number of seconds Jon Stewart spent crawling on the floor on his way to pick up the Emmy for best variety show.


25,000 -- The number of monkeys who, upon Jimmy Kimmel's instructions, tweeted that Tracey Morgan had passed out at the Emmy Awards ceremony.

13 -- The number of years it's been since Louis C.K. -- who took home two awards last night -- won an Emmy. He won as part of the writing staff for "The Chris Rock" show in 1999.

25 -- The number of times that "Mad Men" has been nominated in acting categories. It has never won. That's a record.

29 -- The number of times that Bill Maher has been nominated and never won, also a record for an individual.

3 million -- The number of people that suggested that Amy Poehler host next year's Emmy Awards. All suggested she wear the same dress.

Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 9.39.08 AM.png

1 -- The number of times you can now claim that Amy Poehler's breasts drew more attention than Christina Hendricks'.


14 -- The number of people on my Facebook feed who all-capped JONATHAN when Danny Strong won his first award.


45 -- The number of nominations "Two and a Half Men" has received since the series began. It has six wins.

35 -- The number of seconds the Emmy Audience applauded Michael J. Fox.

14 -- Of the 18 major categories, the number of times that the Emmy Voters basically got it wrong.

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