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December 9, 2008 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | December 9, 2008 |

Let me get something off my chest first: damn you, Prisco. Damn you for scooping me. You know what I mean. Frakkin’ bastitch thinks he can get on TV, and now he is all hot monkey loaf. Before I came along, you couldn’t tell your Moore from your Micheline. You were nothing before me, Prisco! Nothing! NOTHING!!!!!

*ahem* Sorry about that.

First stupid item, because a stupidhead stole my original post: Vanguard Films has purchased the rights to Emo Boy, a comic from Slave Labor Graphics. The script, written by the comic’s writer-artist Stephen Edmond, is a satirical look at “the most self-dramatizing young man in the history of the world, whose emotions were so intense he even had ‘emo powers.’” Of course, they had to ruin it by describing the project as “being in the tone of Napoleon Dynamite, Harold and Maude and Zoolander.” Really? You want to compare your film to those? I mean, Harold and Maude? Isn’t that setting yourself up for a letdown? And I won’t even bother with the other two films named. Anyway, the film is to be directed by Kyle Newman, the director of the oft-delayed Fanboys.

In movie video-game news, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is back on track for release. After getting delayed over and over again, and then almost being canceled due to budget cuts at original publisher Vivendi, it seems that Atari has taken up the cause and is planning to put it out in June 2009, exactly 25 years after the original film’s release. Here is the latest trailer, featuring the voices of the original cast in their next-gen glory:

An item brought to my attention by our leader of increasingly doubtful sexual orientation: Warner Bros. seems to be debating to move on with the Superman franchise without Bryan Singer. In an interview with UGO, Singer cryptically states how he isn’t officially involved with talks on the next film, but he is not yet kicked off. There has been much discussion about rebooting the franchise, closer to Nolan’s work on Batman than Singer’s initial plan to make the films a new set of sequels to Richard Donner’s original films.

After the abysmal reception of Superman Returns, it isn’t a shocker. Maybe if Singer just SAID he was going to do a near-Psycho-like remake of the first film, people wouldn’t have been so hostile. Seriously, dude, I loved Donner and Christopher Reeve, too. But you need to make your own movie, instead of being so chickenshit you copy someone else’s. I do wonder if Singer would have brought Zod back. Singer has mentioned a desire to go all Wrath of Khan on the character, and Terrence Stamp is still quite imposing.

This week, I don’t have a trailer for you. Instead, I have a little treat for you courtesy of Seth Green and “Robot Chicken.” I actually do have a little tidbit related to this: an Australian newspaper claims that Joss Whedon is secretly working on a big-screen resurrection of his flagship “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The Herald-Sun reports that Whedon was inspired to take another shot at the character in a film due to, believe it or not, the success of the movie Twilight. That’s right: you have Unwashed Sparkly Vampire Man and all the panties he creamed for the return of Buffy. Of course, this could be a load of the highest magnitude. I shall keep you posted.

Anyway, back to Green. Seriously, this guy is becoming the nerdy equivalent of Kevin Bacon:

To close out, I leave you a link to the many deaths of Batman, a retrospective of the Caped Crusader’s many actual demises, in anticipation to the conclusion of the “Batman, RIP” storyline going on in the comics. Enjoy.

Claude Weaver III, aka Vermillion, should be studying for his finals. But he was going to fail anyway, so no biggie. He can be scolded for his lack of responsibility on his blog, Vermillion’s Brain Receptacle.

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Industry | December 9, 2008 |

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