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By Seth Freilich | Industry | October 20, 2008 |

I’ve been on the fence about whether I’d check out NBC’s mid-season show “Kings.” On the plus side, it stars Ian McShane. On the negative side, McShane isn’t playing everyone’s favorite cocksucker Al Swearengen, and any other McShane role is just going to pale in comparison. But now “Kings” has snagged Brian Cox, and with two fantastic actors on board, I kinda think I’m going to have to check out this modern retelling of the Bible’s King David story. But it still won’t be as good as McShane giving monologues while getting his knob gobbled.

Meanwhile, Cox has also signed on to the NBC pilot “Lost and Found.” That’s the new procedural from Dick Wolf starring Katee Sackhoff as an LAPD detective who can’t play by the rules, so she’s send to work the John and Jane Doe cases. Cox will play her old-school partner. Meh.



The Peacock Gobbles Up Some Double Cox!

That's What She Said? / Seth Freilich

Industry | October 20, 2008 | Comments ()

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