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Bram Stoker's Dracula Gets a Sequel

Don't Worry. Yet. / Dustin Rowles

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It’s not a sequel to the Keanu Reeves / Gary Oldman film, per say. Because that would be bad. No: It’s based on a sequel to the book, written by Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew, Dacre Stoker, and Ian Holt, a Dracula documentarian, and is based, in part, on hand-written, excised materials from Bram Stoker’s novel.

This time, the story be set in 1912 London; it’s about someone who is stalking the heroes who defeated the vampire Dracula a quarter-century before, in the first novel. It’s the first movie to receive the support of the Stoker family since Bela Lugosi’ 1931 feature. It will be called, The Un-Dead, and according to a senior editor at Penguin, the novel is a “virtually seamless continuation of the original. The story has all the hallmarks of a historical novel, but with a modern sensibility that gives it wide-spread appeal.”

It’s hard to say whether it’s a good idea or not; it will depend largely on the cast, director, etc. The book comes out in October 2009, and the movie will begin shooting in June. Jan deBont (Speed) is one of the four producers behind the flick. No one is yet attached, though last year, before anyone had seen the novel, Ernest Dickerson had been hired to direct, an add choice given the level of interest. Dickerson has been strictly a television director (he directed several episodes of “The Wire” and “Weeds.”) I don’t know whether he’s still attached or not.

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