Biz Break: 'Now You See Me', 'Ender's Game', and 'Pacific Rim' Want To Go Viral On Your Ass!

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Biz Break: Now You See Me, Ender's Game, and Pacific Rim Want To Go Viral On Your Ass!

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | May 7, 2013 | Comments ()


Sometimes, when a movie loves an audience very, very much, they want to involve them in their created world. So the movie studio decides that they should hire someone and make a baby viral website or interactive game. Sometimes they create something close to perfection, like Evil Dead (NSFW and turn down your volume). Other times, it's best to just lock the digital offspring in a closet and forget about it.

Let's look at the interactive stuff planned for Now You See Me, which requires the download of a phone app in order to play their little game.

Every time I think this movie can't sound any more idiotic to me, someone else tries to describe it and ascends to new heights of moron. Now you have a phone app, Blippar, required to search the depths of the internet to find 13 diamonds. Slashfilm has the first card and a hint to get you started, if you're interested in working for lame behind-the-scenes videos. If I have to figure out riddles and pore over websites, I at least want a lame t-shirt or a custom voicemail message from Morgan Freeman.

Next we have Ender's Game with their viral website. I haven't read the book, so it might be a cooler for those of you that have. The site has only text, like mission statements and invasion history, and will hopefully be added to later. It's no Capitol Tour. (I still carry my District card in my purse, just in case. DISTRICT 2 REPRESENT!)

Last of all, Pacific Rim would like you to take a personality test at their site, Pan Pacific Defense. Me? Oh, I'm a Kwoon Fightmaster. I was able to download a badge and I was given the option to download a desktop and Facebook kit.

Although not yet available, it looks like Crisis Maps, Training Academy, and Shatterdome will be coming soon to the site. You can also watch the trailer and the scenes playing in the background of the site. It's much more interesting to me than the other two viral attempts by Now You See Me and Ender's Game. What about you? Does viral marketing do anything for you or influence your choice in movies at all?

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