Biz Break: Ladies and Gentlemen, Here Are Your 2014 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'!
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Biz Break: Ladies and Gentlemen, Here Are Your 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | May 10, 2013 | Comments ()


Motion captures suits are funny things. I thought Andy Serkis looked pretty badass in his gear for Lord of the Rings and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Then you have Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, and Pete Ploszek running around dressed up like fat surfboards.
Don't worry though, you guys. Michael Bay will surely use the same care and precision in rendering the Turtles that he did with the Transformers characters. Like making sure they are all recognizable as specific characters and giving Donatello some huge, swinging balls or something. It'll be fine.

Also of note is the casting of William Fichtner in the movie. He is said to be playing a character with deep ties to the TMNT mythology. He isn't Splinter, Shredder doesn't seem to have been cast as of yet, and Casey Jones isn't in the mix on IMDB either. I doubt Fichtner would be Casy Jones, macking on Megan Fox's April. Krang? OOOOOH! OOOOH! He plays the ooze that makes them into mutants! (Nailed it.)

Let's finish strong with something to clean the vomit from the insides of your mouth. Here is James McAvoy looking deliciously 70s in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He's still got hair. Awww yisss.
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  • Alex Smith

    I'm hopefully optimistic on the movie mostly because Bay is NOT the director and just a producer. I would also love to see a movie made from that pic of Kianu.

  • koko temur

    Woah, thats the kid from "the riches"! He came a long way from a show about 5people watched to a bay movie. Good for him.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Groovy McAvoy! Here to rock your mind!

  • seannyd

    People keep talking about Michael Bay as if he has anything to do with this other than producing it. This is Jonathon Liebsman's film. Not Bay's. It's like blaming Spielberg for Transformers. Yeah, he's involved, but at the end of the day he's not the guy making the big decisions.

  • Strand

    That's all well and good but Bay's fingerprints are all over this thing like the Megan Fox casting, the now-scrapped alien turtle subplot, etc.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    All good points.

    But then, Liebesman directed Battle: Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans, and Darkness Falls.

    Basically, this movie doesn't need Michael Bay. It's pretty much going to be horrible regardless.

  • BlackRabbit

    For some reason, whenever someone on here names three movies they disliked, I'll like one of them. Battle: Los Angeles was decent.

  • googergieger

    I'm still waiting on Nolan's Street Sharks myself. To see a dark and realistic portrayal of mutant sea creatures and human hybrids dealing some street justice!

  • ,

    The pheromones in that photo ...

  • NateMan

    McCoy looks like the sleazy guy no one would sleep with at the key party.

    Or Archie Bunker's son-in-law. Whichever comes first.

  • He looks like Gary Sinese as Lt. Dan from 'Forrest Gump.'

    "Lootennit Dan, why yew talkin' to me in my head, is yore mouth broke too?"

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