Biz Break: Jennifer Aniston Is Not a Fan of Katie Couric
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Biz Break: Jennifer Aniston Is Not a Fan of Katie Couric

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 2, 2013 | Comments ()


Did you know that Tracy Jordan started out as a professional model for barbershop magazines? I kid you not. The proof comes from Tracy Jordan himself.


Also, did you know that Jodie Foster and Jamie Lee Curtis were close friends? I didn’t know that either, until I found out that this week, after Lee Curtis was in a car accident, she immediately called Jodie Foster to come to her aid (Lee Curtis is OK, although her passenger may have been more seriously injured).

Mr. Captain America, Chris Evans — who is much smarter than one may initially give him credit for — will be directing his first movie. 1:30 Train takes place in one night in New York where two characters meet and hash through their problems, and is said to be a similar type movie to the Before Sunset series. He’ll direct it in between the Captain America sequel and Avengers 2.

Have any of you read Drew Magary’s The Postmortal? It is a fantastic post-apocalyptic novel, in which basically a cure for mortality is discovered, so that everyone can live forever (although, death by murder, accident, etc. is still possible), and then we see the repercussions of overpopulation, apathy with life, etc. Truly, one of the best pieces of sci-fi fiction I’ve read in years. In fact, after I reviewed the book, I emailed Drew Magary and asked if it’d been optioned for a film yet, because it seemed so well developed for the screen. He said that Justin Timberlake’s movie In Time had “f**ked the movie rights,” while that sh*tty American Torchwood series had f**ked the television rights.

Well, it turns out that they weren’t f**ked for long, as Scott Derrickson — the writer/director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinisterhas picked up the film option. Perhaps he’ll have his Sinister co-writer, Ain’t It Cool News’ C. Robert Cargill help him to adapt it, which would make The Postmortal a huge f**king deal for the web writer community. Also, Massawyrm is a really good guy.

Seth MacFarlane’s live-action series, Dads, with Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green, screened for critics yesterday, and the reception was not favorable, as the pilot was singled out for racism (specifically, a sexy Asian schoolgril), stereotypical situations, and general unfunniness. In other words, it’ll probably be a huge hit for Fox.

Finally, I if you like celebrity scuttlebutt, turns out, Jennifer Aniston is not a fan of Katie Couric, as she hinted at during an interview with Chelsea Handler on Handler’s talk show.

“Katie Couric was asking me on her show about your wedding and I had to act like I didn’t even know you were engaged because I didn’t know that was out,” Handler said. “Then she was like, ‘Well, everyone knows about it!’ So, I felt really stupid.”

Aniston seemed peeved by the story and didn’t hide her feelings.

“What’s Katie Couric? Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloidy? Wasn’t she on the ‘Today’ show?”

Handler quipped back: “She was on the ‘Today’ show. She got a demotion to her own show.”

I am digging Ms. Aniston of late: Hurling profanities, stripping for a comedy at 44 years old, and talking sh*t about Katie Couric. Chutzpah!

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  • APOCooter

    Can we stop using that photo of Jennifer Aniston? Every time I see it I'm just like, "Hey! Stop starving yourself with kale chips, eat a real meal, and go lifts some damn weights!"

  • TheReinaG

    The answer is no, that is actually the photo they're going to have at the top of her obituary, while they say it's like she came back from being dead of a broken heart when Brad hooked up with Angelina Jolie and that they're surprised she's dead for real this time.

  • John W

    Is Jennifer Aniston stripping for real or is she Hollywood stripping? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  • Stephanie

    Katie Couric gets a lifetime pass from me for helping to expose Sarah Palin as the dim bulb she is.

  • $27019454

    This ^^ all day the fuck long. Altho to be fair (wha..?) Katie just spun the wheel on this. Palin was going to be outed -- Katie just lucked into the timing.

  • Stephanie

    True. It was inevitable.

  • IngridToday

    Katie sometimes an actual journalist/brings news to people versus Jennifer Aniston looks hot and has failing career that's been dragging on for freaking ever.

  • BWeaves

    Is it really stripping if you're wearing 3 layers of underwear, which you don't take off?

    Look at that photo. You can see the layers upon layers of undies.

  • KV

    Are there really 3 layers? I can see only bra and a pair of panties. But then, I'm kind of visually challenged.

  • BWeaves

    I read an interview with her where she said she was wearing 3 layers. I can definitely see a nude bikini under the lace boy shorts.

  • KV

    Now that you mention it, I looked again and could see an outline of another pair underneath the lacy one.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    And yet, she's still mostly naked up there. I give her props as I could never look that good - even if it was me at 17 with a stylist, a photographer, perfect lighting, makeup artists, a well placed fan, and glistening body oil --all of which would ultimately still have to be photoshopped into oblivion. Respect.

  • BWeaves

    Oh please. I've seen bikinis with less material. Besides, it's probably all CGI anyway, so don't compare yourself.

  • Maya

    I love that she said "What's Katie Couric?" instead of "Who's Katie Couric?" That small word choice makes the whole thing so much bitchier and better.

  • L.O.V.E.

    "I am digging Ms. Aniston of late: Hurling profanities, stripping for a comedy..."

    Stripping for Comedy is my favorite charity. $5 to sit up close to the stage. $20 for a private, 5 minute set. Just stay away from the prop comics and the female Gallagher. And all the proceeds go to college funds, naturally.

  • Jim

    I hit THE WALL two years into a career Stripping for Comedy. I looked out into an audience of maybe 50 people and I could see them ... DRESSING me with their eyes.

    Now I make a tidy sum juggling scallops at lodge meetings and teaching yoga to Siberian Yaks. Sigh. It's a living.

  • ,

    Aniston vs. Tomei 40+ strip-off.

    I like Jen a lot but I bet she loses this.

  • Kala

    Hell, if we're going to go there, let's just throw Gugino in the mix. Boom. HBO special.

  • No Pithy Name

    Oh God yes to milady Carla.

    I'll be sacrificing poultry all night. (I told you, Mrs. Julien. I'm gonna make this a thing.)

  • Mrs. Julien

    I wish you the best of luck!

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I enjoyed The Postmortal too and I really enjoy Magary's work on Deadspin/KSK. Good for him. I hope it works out.

  • Milly


    Are phrases I use everyday and no one understands them. I'm English. Very few people from England read KSK let alone people I know.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    /Slaps on ass, hard

  • kushiro -

    Good slap. Lofty slap.

  • milly

    Quasi-slap. WEIRD.

  • LucyKlein

    McFarlan's show is filled with stereotypes, what?!?!

    Sometimes his shows can be funny, but, he relies a lot on "it's funny to say offensive things because offensive things are funny". When it comes to anything about Asian cultures.... I think he just thinks Asian people/culture is funny.

  • Guest

    Which seems strange, because he was conceived when his Asian mum banged that round-faced Italian dude in the dumpster behind K-mart. Talk about throwing bricks in a glass house.

  • Stephen Nein

    "Also, Massawyrm is a really good guy."

    Well, fuck, that's something I never thought I'd read, and least likely on Pajiba.

  • mairimba

    I think Aniston has always been the same, but now she doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks of her anymore. She's paid her dues. She's 44, engaged to a hot guy and having fun.

  • Natallica

    And also, flaunting THAT body

  • Sofia


  • Andrew

    Who the hell is Tracy Jordan?

  • BWeaves

    It's a 30's Rock thang.

  • The Kilted Yaksman

    "Chutzpah!", or increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant?

  • Berry

    Sad as the car-accident thing is, I'm somehow quite delighted to learn about that Jodie Foster and Jamie Lee Curtis friendship. And I might also want them to adopt me a little.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Careful there, Aniston, that spark-filled grime garage seems not the place for a finely tanned, lightly peeved sculpture such as yourself. Get out of there for christ's sakes, ya wacky blonde monolith

  • Guest


  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Dustin, Katie Couric isn't a fan of Katie Couric. It's a self-loathe feedback loop which will culminate with a glorious explosion sometime in 2015.

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