Biz Break: Is Jesse Eisenberg A D*ckwad Or Reacting To A Bad Interviewer?
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Is Jesse Eisenberg A D*ckwad Or Reacting To A Bad Interviewer?

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | May 20, 2013 | Comments ()


Jesse Eisenberg is out promoting his new movie Now You See Me, which includes the hellacious press junket. Romina Puga is a reporter for Fusion, which is a love child of Univision and ABC. Puga interviewed Eisenberg and then wrote a piece about how the actor believes he is better than everyone. Check out the awkward highlights from the interview and try to decide if Eisenberg is a jerk, flirting, or if the attempts by Puga to have fun with the actor were just too annoying for anything other than the hilarious quips he threw at her.

The intro music is ridiculously juvenile and plays in a squeaky Chipette style, just so you know.

The interview starts out fine, with gentle ribbing from Eisenberg when Puga calls Morgan Freeman just "Freeman". I think the real animosity from Eisenberg started right after Puga told him that his thumbs were fat. Then Eisenberg asks about the writing on Puga's hand and she becomes coy and weird. It seems to me that Puga is just a really poor interviewer and Eisenberg decided to mess with her after enduring probably hours of inane questions from others.


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  • This looks staged

  • john

    Ms. Clager. Bad interviewer is putting it mildly. Actually she's the "D*ckwad" as you so eloquently put it in your headline. And you are somewhat of a "D*ckwad" as well for even putting that in your headline as a choice of a word to refer to Jesse Eisenberg. You're out of line. People see these stupidly titled articles without reading the article or watching the attending clip (in this case) and go ahead and make assumptions. Maybe it's neither of the two choices you gave? But you should allow people to judge for themselves mainly because, and I don't mean from a legal standpoint as I don't know how a court would pass judgement, but it sounds slanderous. Even though you give a choice (as if it's a game or something) it's an underhanded way of labeling someone that could have POTENTIALLY negative repercussions on their life. How would you like it if someone wrote a story on you titled "Is Jodi Clager a total loser or are we all bad judges of character?". Unfortunately you are not the only writer who has done this.

  • Cem

    He is just bringing some life into a boring interview.


    He is just being funny! I see nothing wrong, it's called humor!

  • Betsy

    I don't feel it's fair to say she was trying to get away with being a poor interviewer because of how she looked. If she had been ugly and Jesse eisenberg had treated her like that, there would be no discussion-he would've been considered rude. But because she is attractive, it is all the sudden okay to treat her like an idiot or make her feel stupid because she was struggling with an interview? He was condescending and tried to embarrass her-cute, ugly, smart, stupid-you should be respectful

  • Levitt

    I'm going to c&p the comment I put on the ABC article here, just because I think Jesse deserves to have some support here because genuinely, wtf? How is he rude? I don't understand why this is such a big deal, though the article she wrote for ABC is pretty pathetic and completely unnecessary. You would have thought he pushed her over and pulled her hair.

    I thought you two guys were being sort of flirty, but I guess that's just me. I think he's hilarious, he's very dry and deadpan and it works for him.

    However, I've met Jesse, and he was nothing like in this interview. He was very, very shy, very sweet and seemed very interested in what I had to say. He did make a VERY dry comment when I was with him, but that was addressed to somebody else (who, granted, had just said something ridiculous) - and it was funny, I certainly laughed.

  • Boothy K

    Nerd flirting.

  • Smashling83

    Just a bit awkward. I'm sure I've had conversations like this where I try and be funny and it is utterly lost on the other person. Some people just don't click, they obviously didn't. The bit about finding her in a crowded room did make me laugh, he's quite endearing.

  • sunflowerseed

    It felt to me as if they were BOTH flirting which might mean that I have terrible flirting skills but it could also mean that they are BOTH not very good at being bitchy.

  • It seemed to me like he was responding to a horrible interviewer, I would have done the same to her, i love how he says yeah I didn't really wanna find you.

  • Ben

    If that was him being a dick I wish more actors were dicks in their interviews cause that was awesome and I like him a lot more now.

  • kib

    PEOPLE THINK HE'S NOT FLIRTING WITH HER??? This is what half of flirting is about, teasing and being challenging.

  • DanMan

    I think it's banter gone wrong. As soon as he pulled her up for having questions written on her hand, it all went downhill. She got defensive, he got harsher. It was amusing mind

  • Amy Love

    I am a Jesse Eisenberg fan (seen all of his movies but maybe two of the newer indie ones), and maybe therefore I'm biased. But in all the interviews I've seen Jesse do, he's been nothing but nervous, self-deprecating, and almost in awe of everything around him. I doubt he's being a jerk here. This interviewer seems to think that because she's interviewing celebrities, she's something special. I think Jesse just didn't take to that attitude well.

  • asherlev1

    HE'S THE SWEETEST. So I'm kind of scared to click the video for fear of tainting my image of him. LET ME HAVE THIS ONE CELEBRITY, INTERNET. DON'T RUIN JESSE FOR ME.

  • Lindsey Withan'e'

    It seemed to me that she set the tone and he saw and raised it. He out maneuvered her, and he probably has a low tolerance for arrogant little upstarts who think they are quirky and smart. I like him WAAAY more now.

  • Bennetttt

    Seems a bit mutually assholed by both. He seemed jokingly annoyed which she was bitchy to, which caused a ping pong of arrogance.

  • prince_of_montagu

    I don't know. I rather enjoyed that delightfully bitchy repartee.

    Someone like Mila Kunis might eat her alive though.

  • googergieger

    I don't think he's a dickwad, I just think his personality matches his acting "style". Then again, I don't know him from dick, so who knows.

  • the dude

    I think it just goes to show how stressing and tiring those days of interviews must be.

    Most normal people under normal circumstances wouldn't get as angry as he does when she says he has fat thumbs. However, I do think the blame is mostly on her.

    Man, it feels good to be back.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Welcome back! I hope this time you will abide.

  • the dude

    Thank you! I most certainly will! I'll try to be more Lenon than Lenin...

    I am the Walrus?

  • Jen M.

    Okay, she is a horrible interviewer, but he comes across as a REAL asshole here.

  • Mythra Sun

    Honestly I think she was the jerk. She tried to go into the interview with being all cute with her "Freeman" ribbing and when he gave it back to her, she couldn't handle it. She probably thought he was an anti-social nerd and she would pull her quirky girl act (with non-needed glasses and all!) and he would swoon over her. I also read her write up about it - located here ---->

    How is this chick is professional reporter?

    By the way, i saw an advanced screening of Now You See Me a couple of weeks back and it was fantastic, especially Jesse Eisenberg and Woody (!!)

  • Mr_Zito

    Now that I found the article it's even more stupid:

    It's clear for me now that she's just trying to get her moment by saying she was a victim of something. He didn't do anything, he just joked about the stupid things she asked him to do. He didn't even say she was a bad interviewer, she compares her to Carrot Top because of the props, she is the one who says Carrot Top is bad. Anyway, we shouldn't even be talking about this, that's just what she wanted, so she got us to "say her name". Ugh.

  • Eve

    Seriously, I wanted to punch her in the face after reading that "article".

  • Louis FromBarcelona

    I actually thought he was funny

  • Louis FromBarcelona

    too bad if her ego got bruised...

  • Bodhi

    The "written interview" is ridiculous & seriously unprofessional. If she can't take some ribbing from interviewees, she needs to find a new career

  • ndayspring

    I really didn't get the feeling that he was being a jerk. He seemed like he was being perfectly nice, although her interjections changed things. Like the Carrot Top thing would have been a perfectly harmless joke, and was probably intended that way, but she interjected that Carrot Top was horrible before he finished.

    And from then on she just kind of had an attitude about it, while I still think he was nice (kind of flabbergasted by her wanting to wrap up the interview). I don't pick up on a jerk vibe here.

  • ndayspring

    I really didn

  • Eve

    Bad interviewer.

    EDIT: Now that I've read the written version -- not only she's a bad, incompetent interviewer, she's f*cking unprofessional, too.

  • Mr_Zito

    What???? There's NOTHING happening in that video. It's just an interview. People now just make anything into a celebrity misbehaving scandal.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I feel like it's all on her. She's doing the interview cutesy style, he gives her cues early on that he's not really up for it, she continues with it, and so he challenges her back. The digs he was getting in at her were funny, not rude (teasing about Morgan Freeman, can't remember questions without writing on her hand) - the things she says back are kinda rude. They have really different banter styles, but if an interviewer wants to come in with a really specific voice, she's gotta be prepared for the fact that it's not going to have great results with everyone.

    No link to the actual article?

  • Sarah

    Go to ABC News and you'll see her article. I don't care if she interviewed the king of jerks, you don't write an article like that. She sounded like a little girl who got her hair pulled by the boy. Someone need to check on ABC to make sure they are not violating child labor laws.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    What a stupid article. The kind of think I hate giving clicks to.

    The other problem is the video is edited out of sequence - supposedly the "say the name" thing is supposed to be at the beginning. Girl's an idiot.

  • Eve

    I posted two comments there. The first stated my opinion on her article/interview (that she's an incompetent, unfunny, bad interviewer who should grow a pair).

    The other was a reply to someone who asked why did the comments disappear soon after being posted (where I said something along the lines "Miss Hurt Feelings probably couldn't take some of the comments and had them removed").

    P.S.: Yes, both my comments have been removed.

  • Sara_Tonin00


  • Tanucc10

    I think she's a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE interviewer,... he GENUINELY does not like her and she does very little to appreciate how lucky she is to be there. Eisenberg could have handled it better, but I can relate better to his disdain for her lack of respect for Morgan Freeman

  • Jerce

    I don't have much of an opinion one way or the other about Eisenberg, but I do know that if I had to go on promotional tours the way movie actors do, I wouldn't just be a bitch to these moron "interviewers"--I'd be in prison for murder by now.

  • Eva

    Um both? Dickwad and bad interviewer. Also I hate when "cute" girls wear glasses they obviously don't need just to make themselves look smarter/dorkier.

  • Tinkerville

    Uh, how do you know she doesn't need them? Maybe I'm taking this the wrong way, but are you really saying that cute girls should never wear glasses for risk of seeming like they're just trying to look smarter?


    A glasses wearing girl who freaking hates contacts because they burn her eyes. Trust me, I've tried.

  • Eva

    Sigh, of course.... did you see the lenses? If they existed at all they were just clear glass. I like girls with glasses, as long as they aren't obviously an unnecessary vanity gimmick.

  • Eesshk.

    Your comment is the equivalent of "unnecessary vanity gimmick" glasses. There is no way to tell if they're prescribed lenses in those frames. It could be minor.

  • Maguita NYC

    Painful and immature on both sides. It looks like flirting gone bad, with each party trying to outdo the other with "sexy" jabs that unfortunately sounded lame and silly.

  • In this day and age, I get the vague feeling that the whole thing was staged.

  • Yocean

    She is just a stupid person who believes just because she is a young girl everyone should let her get away with not knowing her staff. Cuteness is a poor substitute for professionalism and she is just egotistical to think she can have play him into her game and have him say something for her own little side project.

  • Yocean

    I mean its really about respect which is something you earn, which she lacked on giving or working for it. I bet she is just used to getting away with a lot because how she looks.

  • Pentadactyl


  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Really can't tell either way from this. Yes, he does behave like an awkward jerk at times, but it could be that he's tired or very sensitive about his thumbs or bored or doesn't like her. And she could be a terrible interviewer, but hard to tell from 30 seconds. So basically...I have no idea and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea.

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