Biz Break: Amy Poehler Continues to Put Will Arnett In Her Reahview, and Sean Penn Wants To Be A Franchise Action Hero
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Biz Break: Amy Poehler Continues to Put Will Arnett In Her Reahview, and Sean Penn Wants To Be A Franchise Action Hero

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | January 29, 2013 | Comments ()


There aren't many new things happening in trade news today. Superhero domination, Evil Dead getting an NC-17 rating on its first submission to the MPAA, and terrible shows being given pilots are the main points. I've tried to snag some other news for you to complain about.

If Pierre Morel (Taken) could action hero up Liam Neeson, Sean Penn thinks it should be no problem to do the same for him. Morel is discussing directing Penn in Prone Gunman, which sounds like a fake movie on "The Simpsons" to me. Penn would play Martin Terrier, a man who is screwed over by the place he works (probably Starbucks) and then has to run all over Europe to kill people and stuff.

Penn is one hell of an actor, asshole, and smirking wad. Action hero? I don't know about that. Does he realize one has to run when they are an action hero? Every photo I looked at to find the header had Penn smoking. (Cue outraged comments about smokers being able to run super fast, like cheetahs and sh*t.) Then you have the whole being a jerkface angle. Will Penn be able to get a script that he is willing to use? I would imagine dude has high standards for movies so he can keep his high opinion of himself intact.

Meanwhile, Amy Poehler is branching out in a way that actually makes sense. She's writing a book! Comparison's to TIna Fey's "Bossypants" are inevitable and have already started, even though Poehler's book is in the early stages of being written. Fey's book was assorted essays and Poehler's book promises to be a non-linear diary with her exquisite humor and charm weaving throughout like a gotdamned web of wonderful. There will also be illustrations! I love those things!

I don't love "Under the Dome", which has just added Jolene Purdy ("Glee") and Nicholas Srong ("Nashville") to its cast. Purdy will play Dodee, an engineer at the radio station, and Srong will play a DJ at the same station. They join Britt Robertson ("The Secret Circle") as Angie, a waitress; Natalie Martinez ("CSI: New York) plays Deputy Linda; Alex Koch has been cast as psychotic assh*le Junior Rennie and Colin Ford ("Jake and the Neverland Pirates") will be an unnamed character.

I'm guessing that the promo CBS is planning to run during the Bowl of Football Game That Is Subject To Weird Rules In The Usage Of The Proper Name will be nothing more than a tease with the dome crushing stuff and a voiceover. Something this large in scope can't cast people this week and then throw together a promo with the actors that won't look like crap. OR CAN IT? No, it can't.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from the aforementioned superhero explosion. The Wolverine releases a photo of Hugh Jackman wearing a shirt! That's crazy!


Henry Cavill's sexy, sexy Man of Steel graces the cover of Empire Magazine. Seriously, Cavill is the sexiest Superman that has ever existed.


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  • c

    Pohler has always come across as the blonde Sarah Silverman who is considered daring and 'edgy' and chi and hip and cool becaused they both make jokes about farts and afrting on pudding and taking shits and how badly their periods stink etc. Yeah, just because it's gross doesn't mean it's funny.

    That being said Will Arnett has always come across as WAY creepo. W-A-Y creepo.

  • Devin McMusters

    You mean Britt Robertson, Lux from "Life Unexpected". Any word who will play Dale Barbara?

  • Kballs

    We got 4 doubloons for avoiding being crushed by the dome! Let's grab 'em, and go!!!

  • Captain D

    I'm not with you on Man of Steel. That poster makes me think of Tom Cruise without platform heels emerging from a workout with Tony Little.

  • I thought Penn's franchise was going to be Glam Rocker: Nazi Hunter.

  • John W

    The folks at The Mary Sue pointed out that that Man of Steel cover looks a lot like a certain Rob Liefield cover. And it does.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Srong? How have I missed this name? Is he Srong he's right?

    Of course Cavill is the sexiest Superman. He's got jetstreaming on his crotch. And it's not so much Wolverine wearing a shirt that's weird...he's wearing a suit/shirt from the Regis Philbin collection or something.

    Lastly: who was just writing in the Statham review that they want a proper anti-hero? Because I'm pretty sure Penn could pull off a for-realsies anti-hero action movie.

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    I don't understand why everyone is so impressed with Henry Cavill as Superman? So far, all I've seen him in was that god awful Bruce Willis movie.

  • BWeaves

    Then you need to watch The Tudors.

  • carrie

    he looks good in Superman suit

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    He looks like Matt Bomer, but not as pretty.

  • Artemis

    Why is Henry Cavill's head smaller than his neck? I hope that's just a bad photoshop job, because now all I can see is that alien dude in Men in Black that grew a new head after Will Smith blew the first one off.

  • par1964

    Tony Shalhoub ......

  • Lucie

    Every show has an obligatory psychotic jackass...he's ours.

  • Pookie

    I’m not sure but that belt Wolverine is wearing is either Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, but the suit, Hugo Boss all the way. I can spot a Hugo Boss a mile away.

  • Rochelle

    So you are saying that Wolverine is a metrosexual?

  • Oh! The HOURS he spends grooming those sideburns...

  • BWeaves

    Built in straight razors.

  • e jerry powell

    With three different products.

  • Mrcreosote

    Ugh, that Superman outfit. Between that and the Spidey outfit from "Spider Man-the Cash Grab" it looks like patterned rubberized grimy spandexy material is the go-to for all the current superheros. Well, except for the Hulk. He's just got strategic lighting. And possibly a green merkin.

  • ed newman

    Lizard skin was almost OK for Spidey, but really doesn't work on Supes.

    BTW, has Cavil been drug tested? No way he gets arms like that without chemical help. So, sorry to disappoint denesteak, but "bulge" is likely a sock puppet.

  • UnderTheDark

    I actually recall a flurry of articles popping up during filming, about the difficulties they had reining in his natural bulgy-ness... that photo is probably Cavill with a gaffe!

  • Bert_McGurt

    "In a world where courtesy and kindness rule, only ONE MAN can save his country from a lifetime of laughter and being nice to people! Sean Penn flourishes in this edge-of-your-seat action-packed thrill ride of explosive jerkery, concussive crabbiness and vindictive altruism! He is:

    Dickbag Jones: Serial Assh*le."

  • John G.

    Hey, if you go to Europe, you'll be amazed at how many professional athletes are pack-a-day smokers.

  • denesteak


  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    "(Cue outraged comments about smokers being able to run super fast, like cheetahs and sh*t.)"

    Maybe not cheetahs. But at least a graceful and slightly jittery 220lb gazelle.

  • BWeaves

    "Seriously, Cavill is the sexiest Superman that has ever existed."

    Sorry, I'm a Christopher Reeve girl, now and always. I was in college when his Superman came out, and he was sexy in tights.

    OK, Cavill is damn sexy, too. He was my favorite character in The Tudors.

  • Bedewcrock

    AND he's dating Gina Carano from Haywire! I mean come on.....

  • e jerry powell


  • zeke_the_pig

    'TEN TIMES more addictive than marijuana!'
    'To human misery!'
    'NO! SEAN PENN!'

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