Biz Break: '50 Shades of Grey' Has A Release Date. Get It? 'Release' Date?
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Biz Break: 50 Shades of Grey Has A Release Date. Get It? Release Date?

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | July 1, 2013 | Comments ()


That picture didn't make you think that Ryan Reynolds would be portraying Whatshisstupidname in 50 Shades of Grey, did it? He's totally not. Instead of that, or the Deadpool movie, Reynolds will be taking starring in Mississippi Grind. Originally the role of the gambling addict was to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal, but obviously that's no longer the case. Ben Mendelsohn (Killing Them Softly) will accompany Reynolds' character on a trip through the South. The duo are looking to make some sweet, sweet gambling dollars and probably score some chicks. Or dudes. Whichever.

The Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson) penned Mississippi Grind will begin filming next year.

In actual 50 Shades of Grey news, the Sam Taylor-Johnson "film" has been gifted with an actual opening date: August 1st, 2014. This leaves plenty of time to continue speculating about who will be cast as leads Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. I'm pulling for Sterling Archer and Lana Kane.


Mark Wahlberg just keeps being cast in things, doesn't he? He's re-teaming with director Peter Berg to make American Desperado. Based on a true story recounted in the book written by Jon Roberts and Evan Wright, the film will follow Roberts as he works for the mafia, the Colombians, and the 'Merican government. This part of the synopsis caught my eye:

Nothing if not colorful, Roberts surrounded himself with beautiful women, drove his souped-up street car at a top speed of 180 miles per hour, shared his bed with a 200-pound cougar, and employed a 6"6" professional wrestler called "The Thing" as his bodyguard. Ultimately, Roberts became so powerful that he attracted the attention of the Republican Party's leadership, was wooed by them, and even was co-opted by the CIA for which he carried out its secret agenda.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the freakish PTSD Tim Robbins vehicle Jacob's Ladder may be getting a remake. The script written by Jake Wade Wall (When A Stranger Calls [2006]) is being used as a jump-off point for new writer Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train). Got it? A remake script written by the man that brought us a terrible remake of a classic horror movie is now being improved upon by a man who wrote an adaptation of a Clive Barker story.

Producers Mickey Liddell, Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig are looking to update the story and have new characters. This won't be difficult since PTSD isn't going anywhere, I wouldn't think. Choose any recent war and you've got a solid foundation to get a remake happening.

Last of all, The Vatican Tapes, first mentioned by Lionsgate in 2009, has finally finished casting. The movie centers around Angela Holmes, to be played by Olivia Dudley (The Chernobyl Diaries), a normal woman that starts to make bad things happen to the people around her. In comes Father Lozano (Michael Pena), Vicar Imani (Djimon Hounsou), and Cardinal Brunn (Peter Andersson) to purge the evil right outta that girl. Ugh. I just know I'm going to watch this movie.

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  • BlackRabbit

    I LIKED the 2006 remake of When a Stranger Calls. However, will Hollywood stop making these exorcism films? It's a worn-out idea. Last one I watched was Insidious and it was bleah.

  • e jerry powell

    After what Garry Marshall did to Exit to Eden in the mid-90s, I seriously hold out no hope for any mainstream BDSM film to be worth the ticket price.

  • mb

    Did you not see Secretary?!

  • e jerry powell

    I haven't read the short story.

  • foolsage

    Lana would never ever consider putting up with Christian's bullshit; she'd kick his ass. And yes, I would LOVE to watch that movie.

    Archer and Cheryl are a better match IMO, if you're trying to reproduce a completely dysfunctional and abusive relationship. He's perfectly capable of being an abusive and controlling asshole, and she's perfectly capable of encouraging that treatment.

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, that Wahlberg thing. He's a producer, so I suspect that no one actually cast him...

  • John W

    "Hey Lana can I tie you up?"


  • toblerone

    Considering the below, "Tying up" would be too vanilla for Lana.

  • DataAngel

    Sterling Archer and Lana Kane would certainly give "50 Shades" the seriousness it deserves. I would even watch it. Is there a role for Woodhouse?

  • emmalita

    I haven't read the books, but it would be awesome if the geniuses at Archer Inc were to take on 50 Shades. They would find a role for Woodhouse.

  • oilybohunk7

    I'd like to see someone remake a really awful movie for a change. Instead of crapping all over a movie that was great (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), why doesn't a film maker take it as a challenge to make a truly horrific movie, say Waterworld, and make it decent.

  • I think it's time for a World War Z remake.

  • emmalita

    A friend dragged me to it this weekend and then spent 3 hours bitching about it. She is the funniest when bitching and mocking, so now I kind of love WWZ.

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, good luck with a decent Waterworld film getting greenlit at all. A Heaven's Gate reboot will happen first. The profit motivation in either case would be zero. Rebooting successful properties, alas, is not done in the interest of improving upon something good (or making a good film at all), it's all about profit motivation. A property that worked well before can serve as a tentpole; a property that failed is tainted, and thereby too risky to try again.

  • oilybohunk7

    I agree with all of this, it is just one of my foolish dreams.

  • koko temur

    not many things in our caltural landscape depress the shit out me as the success 50 shades. Its not simply and objectively "bad". you guys, this shit is DANGEROUS. with all its "mommy porn" stigma (which is a problem by itself), its actually treating *very* light BDSM as mental desease. One you can cure by abusive relationship.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    That's not the only way it's dangerous. It caused me actual physical and psychological pain. It made me want to burn a book, which is like setting fire to a litter of puppies as far as I'm concerned. It's not just dangerous, it's evil.

  • It's also not a good representation of BDSM, but rather a glorification of an abusive relationship using BDSM as a gauzy cover to make it seem okay. It's really, really not.

  • koko temur

    Thats exactly what i mean. Dangerous.

  • emmalita

    One of my friends is very involved in the local kink community (she looks like a grandmother but she makes her own floggers). She hates the books, but says they have brought a lot of new people to the community.

  • Joe Grunenwald


  • BWeaves

    When you say "200 pound cougar" are you talking about a cat or a woman?

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I choose to believe it depends which night you're asking about.

  • emmalita

    In my mind I'm switching back and forth. They both work.

  • Maguita NYC

    Djimon Hounsou is welcome to purge the evil right outta this girl anytime.

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