Better Than A Pony, The <i>Veronica Mars</i> Movie Is Pretty Much Guaranteed To Happen
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Better Than A Pony, The Veronica Mars Movie Is Pretty Much Guaranteed To Happen

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | March 13, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.46.49 AM.png

A little under an hour ago, creator and non-Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas announced a Kickstarter campaign to finally get the movie version of his beloved "Veronica Mars" into production. As you can see by the video Thomas not only has Kristen Bell, but several other familiar faces on board as well.

The campaign is already going swimmingly and I have no doubt they will reach full funding. I'd recommend you kick some money their way anyway becuase the Kickstarter rewards are pretty fantastic. As for details on the movie? Well, it looks to be centered around the Neptune High 10th Year Reunion and Thomas says he hopes to have Veronica, Keith, Logan, Weevil, Wallace, Mac, Dick and Piz return. PIZ?! WHAT IS PIZ DOING THERE? Ugh.

Anyway, head on over to the Kickstarter page and drop some cash for a good cause. You won't have to spend like an 09er to make this happen. Me? I'll just be over here...celebrating.





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  • Can we just have a big ol' w00t for the fans?

    Come join me in my bunk as I anticipate this.

  • James

    I wanna see Shelley Pomeroy, Madison AND Carrie Bishop (Maybe her "teacher") as well.

  • James

    I don't really care for Wallace or his ex-girlfriends either. I'd rather see some baby father that went away and see what happened with him.

  • dizzylucy

    Goal achieved! I just watched it roll over the $2 million mark. It was very exciting.

  • Margrete

    It's now over 2 am where I am, so finally I can go to sleep.

  • APOCooter

    Just hit $2,000,000. In like 10 hours.

  • Kate at June

    Someone talk me down from buying Weevil to record my voicemail

  • Austie

    I almost cried tears of joy at work today. Best. Day. Ever.

    And I seriously hope they don't end with Veronica and Logan riding off into the sunset. Put down your pitchforks people. First of all, Veronica is way too smart to end up with her high school boyfriend. And she definitely deserves someone hotter than him too. That boy does nothing for me. The Scientology doesn't help his case either. I know they probably can't afford it, but I wish they could get a different actor all together to play a love interest. Or just not have one at all.

    I hope they at least mention Duncan. Like, hey, remember your ex that you helped escape the FBI and skip the country with his newborn? What the hell ever happened to him?

  • That "Ta-Da!" moment from "Ain't No Magic Mountain..." is one of my all-time favorite Veronica moments.

    This Kickstarter campaign has made me very, very happy.

  • Jezzer

    It was at $300k when I left for lunch. When I came back an hour later, it was at $1.1M. I think this is getting made.

  • 1.6 mil now! WOOHOO!

  • badkittyuno

    Oh god so excited

  • Arran

    Rob Thomas says that the stretch goal for $3m is that Logan will survive the film. Kristen Bell says if they get to $5m, she will taze Rob and film it.


  • Lauren_Lauren

    This just made my freakin' life.


    Why not have the "Party Down" gang just cater the 10 year reunion? 2 birds killed with one stone!

  • Teresa G


  • bluebird

    How are they going to pull this off, now that the actors are all 50 years old?

  • 950k so far. Ah Maz ing

  • HerGuyWednesday

    I've seriously wasted my workday just refreshing that page.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Fuck. Yes.
    This is cause to open up my KB picture vault!

    Oh, and I kicked in some funds so you can all just call me Executive Producer L.O.V.E. from now on. I'll be holding casting auditions in a room on the second floor of the Inn at Sunset Cliffs if anyone is interested in being in the movie.

  • NoPantsMcLane

    I'll chip in if the promise that Piz will NOT return.

  • dizzylucy

    $774K and counting. Forget 30 days, they'll probably do it in 3.

  • Drake

    I think they might hit it before the day is done.

  • LissaLou

    Just hit a million. Of course I know this as I have been constantly refreshing for the last two hours.

  • dizzylucy

    $1.1 million! I've been watching it all day, expecting it to slow down at some point, but it hasn't.

  • 1.3-ish now.

  • Zirza

    I admit it, I squealed.

  • koko temur

    Holy shit snack, it tripled itself in an hour. Is it you people? Does it all come from pajiba?!

  • thenchonto

    So I'm wandering around the house, absentmindedly singing "We Used to Be Friends" and clapping now. I must look more than a little addled. For a solid twenty minutes of otherwise uneventful daily activity, I did not realize I was doing this.

    To passing school children and their parents:

    I swear to... goodness: there is only coffee in this coffee. Fu...dge. That sentence probably didn't help my case. Anyway, stop looking in my windows. I'm clearly not the only weirdo around. Maybe your kid wouldn't be so freaking late to class if you'd just mind your own business. I hope you get eaten by the local roving band of stray chihuahuas or that stupid in-heat papillon mutt.

    Your neighbor whom you can't afford to move away from,


  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Seriously, I need to win the lottery, because if I do, this shit is happening on at least a ten million dollar budget. And I'd then do my damnedest to make Serenity: The Trilogy, happen.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    And Community-- six seasons and a movie.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Also I'd reboot Quantum Leap. Granted, I'd go broke very quickly.

  • NateMan

    They're almost at $600,000 already. That is mind-boggling. My wife and I are discussing how much we're going to give them - not if we're going to, just how much we can reasonably afford.

  • Scootsa1000

    I'm blatantly ignoring that it says Piz and assuming Rob Thomas meant Vinnie Van Lowe instead.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Hey, it's possible Piz is only there so Rob Thomas can do terrible things to him as a way of making amends for Piz's serious presence in season three. Like, he's homeless or something. A gigolo. A homeless gigolo.

  • Bryan Alcock

    Jesus Christ, I really need some good news this week. As soon as I read that headline I started screaming "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" at my computer. Its still pissed at me.

  • Robert

    I did my part. I'm getting me a t-shirt and a script to shove in actors' faces at conventions. "I don't care if you're using the toilet, I paid for your fucking movie!"

  • Tinkerville

    So there's a weird glitch on my computer that's causing all the Kristen Bell gifs to animate at five times the normal speed. The last one looks like she's a fembot about to explode from too much implied sex. It's bugging me out.

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    Although goddamn it, it's US only? I would help out but I caaaaaan't! I want a t shirt! And the knowledge that I helped make it happen. Grr.

  • Margrete

    You can still donate, you just have to click the box that says "no reward needed". You won't get a t-shirt, but you will get a happy-boner in your heart.

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    Oh. I should learn how to read. Thank you!

  • Leelee

    I can't lie, I REALLY want a t-shirt.

  • Carrie/Teabelly


    Yay..that video!!

    Too excited, need to lie down.

  • This is the best thing. I need closure, damn it.

  • Want to feel really good? Just sit on the kickstarter page for about 2 minutes, clicking refresh, and watch the total.

    So, Joss Whedon and the crew of Firefly... BALL IS IN YOUR COURT!

  • L.O.V.E.

    At this pace they are going to hit the 2 mil by the end of the night. If they keep this going for 30 days we get the following:

    "A two million dollar fundraising total probably means cross words are
    exchanged at the class reunion. Three million? We can afford a full-on
    brawl. Ten million? Who knows... For some reason the Neptune High class
    reunion takes place on a nuclear submarine! A Hobbit shows up! There’s a
    Bollywood end-credit dance number! I’ve always wanted to direct Bill
    Murray. We’ll figure out something cool. Hey, if that total goes high
    enough, I’ll bet the good folks at Warner Bros. will agree a sequel is a
    good idea."

    My only concern is that all the fans with their $35+ donations are essentially buying digital or dvd copies of the movie now, which I have to imagine will cut into the box office.

  • Arran

    When I first saw the page, it was still at $0, I donated and wondered what the fuck was going on and thought it was already a gigantic failure.

    Yeah, I didn't need to wait long to find out how wrong I was.

  • koko temur

    I believe there was a semiliar attempt by fans. But joss shut it down. Veronica mars movie need to happen if only to pave a way to semiliar passion projects.

  • NateMan

    It's amazing. There are such devoted fans to this show... I wonder if anyone's let Stephen King know yet. He loved the program and I think they could expect a big, fat donation from him.

  • And then next year, we can look forward to a "Party Down" kickstarter. Right? RIGHT?!!

  • Arran

    I actually said this to Dan Etheridge (Party Down/VM producer) on Twitter, and he said "One movie at a time."


  • dizzylucy

    Genius! I'm there.

    In the 15 minutes or so since I first saw the story, it's earned almost $100K. Sometimes I really love the internet. I always love awesome TV fans.

  • Jezzer

    I see the $10,000 pledge is taken. Someone's getting a SAG card.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Mighty impressive hip movement there, Kristen.

  • APOCooter

    Anyone have about $450 I can borrow? I want Kristen Bell's voice on my phone for eternity.

  • Even Stevens

    I can't even form actual words right now, it's just a series of squeals and high pitched noises that would probably hurt even a dog's ears

  • So glad to know I'm not the only one!

  • Margrete

    This makes me more happy than I ever could have imagined. I have spent the last hous deliriously laughing, crying, hyperventilating, and shouting at my computer. Sure, I'm 200 bucks poorer, but so so happy.

  • I'm so excited about this!!!! People literally came by my office to make sure I was okay after hearing squealing...

  • koko temur

    I have the strangest boner ...

  • NateMan

    Is that Veronica Mars related, or just in general?

  • koko temur

    I had a brief rest when community started to suck, but now im back baby! I can poke you in the eye with this thing!

  • NateMan

    If I had a quarter for every time that happened...

  • John W

    Taken from us much too soon.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I pray for cameos by Ken Merino, Max Greenfield, and Joss Whedon.

  • And Cliff! Don't forget Cliff.

  • InternetMagpie


  • koko temur

    Oh, can we have max as shmidt as leo in extended role? Can we?! I will feed him and walk him myself, i swear!!

  • Joe Grunenwald

    It was either Piz or Duncan. I think they chose the lesser of the two (We)evils.

  • kimk

    I dunno, I always thought Piz did the near impossible by making Duncan look interesting, nuanced and charismatic in comparison. But, even stupid Piz and his stupid hair can't dampen my enthusiasm about this movie.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    You, sir, win a prize.

  • Tom

    Piz? I didn't really hate Piz but there is no reason for him to be there. It might take away from a moment of Logan and Weevil aggressively staring at each other.

  • Jezzer

    Well, the reason for Piz being there might be because he and Veronica are still together.

    Right, Logan fans? :3

  • Jezzer

    There, there, Logan fangurls, let it out. Cry those tears.

    Those delishus, delishus tears.

  • Anna von Beav


  • Anna von Beav

    DOWNVOTE. One for you, and one for Piz and his stupid hair.

  • NateMan

    I am upvoting to balance out your downvote, because Logan was SUCH a little bitch. Good gods. He needed a swift kick in the ass. "Waaaaaah, my daddy abused me and my mom committed suicide and my girlfriend was murdered and-"

    Okay. Maybe he had a little excuse.

  • Anna von Beav

    OH MY GOD. >_<

    Logan + Veronica 5EVA

  • crindybluth



  • Tom

    yeah I guess so. I was hoping we'd just forget about all that since it was so boring

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