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Television Miscellany for $400

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | September 14, 2010 | Comments ()

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | September 14, 2010 |

First, rumors have begun that James Cameron is interested in making a television version of True Lies. The adaptation is being produced by Rene Echevarria ("Dark Angel") and is close to being shopped around to networks, although no pilot has been filmed yet.

(source: SlashFilm)

Next up, we heard a while back that Riddick was getting a third movie since Vin Diesel needs something to do between Fast & Furious films and his Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Just to make sure that horse is thoroughly dead, they're now making an animated television series spin off featuring Riddick. I have not the slightest clue who the target audience for this might be, but there's not really any news about it yet. Personally, I'd rather just watch film of a D&D campaign of the various celebrity types who say they play. Vin Diesel's half-drow kensai taking a swing at Stephen Colbert's gnome illusionist? That's entertainment +3 with 1d6 additional damage of awesome.

(source: SciFi Cool)

Finally, we have the first teaser trailer for the absolutely inexplicable SyFy remake of the BBC's "Being Human." That's the remake of a show filmed in English, being rebroadcast in the states by BBC America and only in its third season. There are your standard fare unnecessary remakes, and then there are remakes like this that only make sense in that at least it keeps the remake wolves busy so they don't diddle "Doctor Who" in the bad places too.

Really? They call that a teaser? It's like three words, a CGI wall and a title. There are burqas more teasing than that clip.

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