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By Jodi Clager | Trade News | December 12, 2012 | Comments ()


Benedict Cumberbatch is the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. There was much speculation as to which villain he would be playing. Now we have our answer! John Harrison. I am, admittedly, not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, but I have never heard of the evil John Harrison. Does he sell Starfleet bad insurance policies? Perhaps he attempts to Talented-Mr. Ripley on Spock to get at that sweet Uhura ass. If you know the significance of this villain, let me know.

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  • Bob Barker

    John Harrison is thawed for a parole hearing and escapes from CryoPrison, starting a crime spree....

  • Fabius_Maximus

    It's probably a red herring. I recently read somewhere that "John Harrison" was some kind of running gag on the TOS set or something like that. Minor characters with no real name would be identified with that name in scripts.

  • Rooks

    List of relevant things:
    1. He's in the damn movie.
    End of list.

  • sherlockzz

    My money is that he's "Gary Mitchell" and this Harrison is just a dodge. But, I joked on another thread that "Harrison" = "Harry's son" or Harry Mudd's son. Peter Weller is also in the flick so he might be Harry Mudd. The original pretty much played Harry for comic relief but there's nothing saying that the new Trek couldn't make him a dark villain. I think it would be a mistake but there you go. There's a lot of talk about it being Kahn as well. I hope not. Ricardo Montalban was so iconic that it would be criminal to recreate him as a young Brit.

  • BWeaves

    You said everything I was going to say.

  • Wembley

    Why do villains have to have wacky names? Is it a union rule? Or are they villains because of the pressure the wacky name exerts on their psyche?

  • Legally Insignificant

    As it's been explained to me by people with a much firmer grasp on their virginity, John Harrison is a placeholder name that, in the original series, was used for many unnamed character, e.g. redshirts.

  • Maguita NYC

    This made me laugh so hard ! The replies to your post are even flabbergasted-ly funnier: Are you guys being seriously offended, or is that toeing the specific brand of Pajiba-snark line too closely?

    Whatever it is, "people with much firmer grasp on their virginity" is my all-new favorite reference to subtle sexy geekdom!

  • Wembley


  • Blake Shrapnel


  • cold line

    I will overlook all those plot problems just to keep seeing Cumberbatch look like that! Yesssss!

  • Eve

    YESSSSSSSSSSS indeed. My god, he looks (and sounds, obviously) delicious in the trailer.

    Hmmmm, Benedict Cumberbatch...*drools like Homer*

  • Jen

    Someone wrote this on comment thread on Huffington Post:

    "John Harrison is the legal name of Harcourt "Harry" Mudd - the Tribbles and Mudd's Women guy. He took a bunch of the drug he was given then women and it made him young, strong, handsome and powerful.

    Benedict Cumberbatch is Harry Mudd. Only J.J. Abrams would do something like this..."

    So if anyone wants to bother to find out if this is true or Bullshit more power to you.

  • VonnegutSlut

    True or bullshit? How about finding out if this was written by a crazy person tripping balls on acid who first scribbled it out in Filipino Tagalog and then translated it--badly--into English.

    I can't even begin to comprehend what this means.

  • Blake

    Yep and Alice Eve is Dr. Carol Marcus (the one night stand that resulted in Kirk's (AKA: T.J. Hookers) only "known" son David Marcus).

    Not Mitchell and Denner (contrary to the haircuts).

    As the timeline has changed in Abrahms Star Trek I'd be very happy in they only do original stories with a few familiar faces thrown in.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I agree. Actually, what I hated about the JJ version was that he didn't just go his own way from the get go instead of having this stupid dual universes with two Spocks nonsense. I love the new characters and would have been fine without the time travel.

  • Blake

    Like this guy...

  • Blake

    Or her...

  • BlackRabbit

    Not a terribly evil-sounding name. really. It's no Cypher Raige, to be sure.

  • Emmet O'Cuana

    Um....are they being clever here and naming him after M. John Harrison, whose sf writing is certainly a lot more demanding intellectually than Trek.

    Seriously. Read Light. It's glorious, but a bit of a head-scratcher.

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