Because No Matter How Good Your Thanksgiving Weekend Was, A Bill Murray Sighting with the President Will Improve It

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 27, 2011 | Comments ()


Oh, but it gets even better because no one, no matter how cool, now matter how esteemed, looks cool eating a hot dog. Proof:


Here are 5 fun facts about Bill Murray, one of which is relevant to the above photo taken at a basketball game between Oregon State and Towson University.


  • There have been 12 songs written by musicians that were inspired by Bill Murray's life.

  • He was arrested in an airport in 1971 for trying to smuggle 9 pounds of marijuana onto a plane. He intended to sell the marijuana.

  • Bill Murray's son, Luke, is the assistant basketball coach of Towson University, the second largest university in Maryland.

  • Murray has six kids, all sons, two from his marriage to Margaret Kelly and four from his marriage to Jennifer Butler (pictured). She filed for divorce in 2008, citing domestic violence, infidelity, and sex, drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Murray, a lifelong golf fan, owns a restaurant called the Caddy Shack, and was once in a rock band called The Dutch Masters.

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