BBC Apologizes for 'No Nudity in Game of Thrones' Episode Breaking News Alert

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BBC Apologizes for 'No Nudity in Game of Thrones' Episode Breaking News Alert

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 25, 2014 | Comments ()


This news is not particularly noteworthy, other than the fact that I love that the BBC had to apologize because some app developer inserted a push notification into the BBC’s app that said this:


Given the kind of Breaking News Alerts I’ve received on my phone from the Associated Press of late — Chris Brown released from jail; Justin Bieber arrested — a notification that a Game of Thrones episode didn’t contain any nudity actually does feel important, relatively speak.

At any rate, the BBC apologized for the error.

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  • pissants_doppelganger

    Man, I hope that tester wasn't canned for that.

    I've been known to work as a software developer from time to time. My introduction to my co-workers of the "what really happened to Abraham Lincoln" video from The Whitest Kids U' Know inadvertently resulted in my co-worker releasing code which displayed "now ya fucked up, now ya fucked up" to the user when a certain error occurred. Luckily, it was only released to people who worked in companies our boss owned, so it was basically an "internal" thing. However, I was then tasked with running searches on the entire code base to attempt to weed out any other "indiscretions". It was pretty funny having a serious conversation with my boss where we brainstormed all manner of dirty words.

  • Push and Pull acting awwwwwwwwwfully slutty lately.

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